Why Should you get a professional wedding singer Singapore musician to sing your wedding march in songs?


Are you about to get married soon? Then apart from choosing the perfect venue of your dreams in Singapore to hiring the most competent wedding planner, you should also be picky about selecting the best Wedding SInger Singapore for performing at the wedding party and to sing your wedding march songs. Having an excellent singer for your wedding march in songs is very important as the voice and melody will depict the emotion that the bride and groom along with their respected guests experience. 

Here, we are about to explore a few exclusive reasons for having a professional wedding singer in Singapore for singing your wedding march in songs—

A live performance influences the environment

During a wedding, a live singer along with a band creates an excellent ambiance. The whole performance is rehearsed before the day of wedding, so that the guests can get to experience a picture-perfect wedding performance. 

When the flower girl enters the aisle before the bride walks through the aisle along with her father, the singer begins the performance. Along with the band that consists of a cello player, a drummer, guitar and bass guitar player and a flute artist- the singer or the singer duo performs the popular wedding songs as the march in songs. 

The performance does enhance the wedding celebration. The aim is to connect the guests with the bride and groom along with their respected family members that bear an emotional heart throughout the wedding.

Talented singer with a band 

Most couples prefer hiring a live singer for their wedding march in songs and to perform at the wedding party afterwards. Connect with some of the most popular singers that perform at weddings and particularly with those with the goodwill of creating a direct emotional connection while singing the wedding march in songs. You and your finance should live the little moments of love that you spent with each other before deciding to spend the rest of your lives together.

Let the talented singer along with the live band artists perform your march in wedding songs so that you can cherish the most precious moments for the rest of your life. It’s an emotional attachment that the lyrics, music, melody and the singing style create. Instead of canned music, a live singer is always preferred in a wedding to perform the march in songs.

Capable of singing the songs you choose 

Though the internet is flooded with countless wedding singers, not all singers are capable of singing the songs that you ask them to perform. So, before finalizing the singer and the live wedding band for your Singaporean wedding, shortlist a couple of top-listing singers considering your budget as well and discuss your playlist with them. Let them check the list of wedding and romantic song compilation playlist you have created to be sung as the march in songs. If the singers can sing a few of those songs in front of you, you can guess their efficiency to sing really good during the wedding. 

For entertaining guests 

Having a live band at any wedding is strongly suggested by the wedding planners. Even if you intend to arrange your own wedding, try to have a live wedding singer along with a band performing at your wedding. It’s very important to sing live some of the classical romantic songs or contemporary love songs during the march in. However, it’s also necessary to keep entertaining the guests. Before and after the wedding, the live wedding bands perform for engaging the guests. 

The singers find it their responsibility to befriend unknown guests in your wedding. They can know each other during the ceremony or while tapping foot at your wedding party. It’s all possible with the live band. Instead of playing canned music on a boring stereo, get a live band that truly knows how to engage guests and keep entertaining them throughout the time they attend your wedding. 

Choose your genre

You need the professional wedding singer Singapore musician to sing your wedding march songs if you have a particular fascination for the songs of any particular genre. For instance, if you want the performers to present some classical instrumentals or songs of Vivaldi, Mozart, Bach or Beethoven then you need to get that band claiming to have those artists with equal efficiency. 

The same goes for your fascination for pop songs, RnB, Soul, Blues, Rock, etc. Having a live band with an outstanding singer will sing the most amazing march in songs when the bride enters or leaves the aisle with her groom. The artists know how to make it all perfect as the march in songs are very significant performances throughout a wedding.

DJ/ Live wedding singing band

Often a debate is raised whether it’s a DJ or a live band that you should have in your wedding. When DJs create a huge hype by playing mostly canned songs, a live wedding band with a talented singer is excellent to have considering the guests of all generations. They are also efficient to sing those amazing march in songs live by the aisle where the wedding takes place. 

March in Songs & Instrumental Music compilation 

Mostly, the wedding singers prioritize or actually stick to the playlist provided by them by their clients or you can also ask them to make you select the best wedding songs or classic instrumental that could be ideal for the Wedding March In Songs for your Singaporean wedding. 

Try to make a compilation of both instrumentals particularly with a cello or violin and singing as you wedding march-in song playlist. 

Choose popular wedding songs like Elvis Presley’s Can’t help falling in love with you, Don’t, I will always love you by Whitney Houston, As long as you love me by Backstreet Boys, Put your hand on my shoulder, Strangers in the night, Lady, Somewhere in my youth of childhood, River flows in you, Moon River etc. popular numbers for creating the perfect emotional ambience by the performing geniuses. 


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