Where To Buy American Flag Bikini or Tankini – Will There Be A Shortage


Patriotic clothing can be found all over the USA around July th and also at Memorial Day but what most people don’t realize is that it is ever popular year round.  There is everything from  USA Flag Hoodies in the winter to 4th of July shirts and also proud to be American Apparel that is a large seller all year. Stars and Stripes baby clothes for girls and boys and also matching outfits for mom and dad. There are many different options and these days families are making even more occasions to show their proud of theie country.

Many family picture are now being taken in matching American Flag tops and even bathing suits. This 4th of july expect to see the red, white and blue everywhere and especially at the beach. The 4th of July is the largest beach holiday and summer vacation time that there is.

Will There Be A Shortage Of American Flag Clothing This Year

Many suppliers are lowered their inventory levels over the past year of not only the mentioned clothes and jewelry but just about every stock item was lowered. The production for this year is in full swing but it is estimated that only 40% of production will happen this year. This is mainly because manufacturers don’t want to take a chance on high inventory levels if the beaches are not able to open because of Corona. Last year they did open but capacity was very limited. The only Patriotic item that grew in production last year was the USA Flag Mask and Gaiter. This was to meet the obvious demand that was needed last year and also a way that companies could stay afloat with all the disruption that occurred from Covid.

It is expected that the traditional all over print 4th of July shirts  and American flag Bikinis click here for women and men will be available this year  but that the plus sizes will be 30% cut and any new designs will be held. It is also expected that the standard re white and blue bikinis including string, thong, one piece, 2 piece will be produced with only a slight cut in production but once again not as many plus sizes will be produced. The new designs will also be tabled until next year when it is believed that the United States will be past the virus and back to business as usual and hitting the beaches and pools as if they never skipped a beat. It is expected that pent up demand will also outweigh inventory and that is even with ramp ups in production.

In cutting to the bottom line. If you are wanting patriotic swim trunks, bathing suits, shorts, sneakers, shorts and even jewelry and see a company that is stocked in these items go ahead and purchase because the demand is going to outweigh what manufacturers are able to produce in the upcoming months and probably over the next

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