How to Style Your Thick Hair


How to Style Your Thick Hair

When it comes to looking fabulous, you call the shots. Head-turning hair is what we all desire. And let’s face it, a killer hair day is like a boost of confidence straight to the soul!

But taming your natural, thick hair without any hair accessories can be a challenge.
Want to know the secret? It’s a sleek metal hair stick that perfectly matches your style. From chic buns to elegant French twists or even a simple pony. These hair clips give you a whole new look in a flash, without any fuss.

How Do You Use These Metal Hair Clips?

In seconds, you’ll be a styling wizard! Twist or pull back your hair into your every day or dream. Slide the pin beneath the bun or twist, near your scalp. Fold the fancy top part of the clip over your styled hair. With one hand holding everything in place, loop the beaded wire over the tip of the pin with the other hand. Voilà! Your fabulous hairstyle will rock all day without any fussy touch-ups needed.

What Styles Can You Do with a Metal Hair Clip Barrette?

Any style you love! Get used to great hair days every day. Stick with your go to style or flaunt a fresh style daily.

1. Ponytail

Low, high or anywhere in between, ponytails are simple. With 7 sizes of the metal Flexi Clip, even the thickest ponytails find their match. Just place the pretty part of the clip over the top of the pony and the pin goes underneath. Secure the pin through the end of the beaded metal loop on the other side. Effortless, sturdy, beautiful!

2. Half-Up Hairstyle

What can you do in 30 seconds? It isn’t even enough time for a coffee break. But it’s plenty of time to secure your stunning half-up hairstyle with a Flexi Clip, even if you have a lion’s mane of thick hair. Take a section of hair from each side around to the back of your head. Slide the metal pin under the gathered hair, folding the decorated top over the hair. Flex the wire over the tip of the pin and push the pin through until it is secure in the notch. Tame those tresses in just seconds.

3. Bun

Twist your hair into a bun. But forget about those rubber bands and bobby pins you usually need to secure it. All you need is one metal Flexi Hair clip to keep it in check. Hold the bun steady with one hand. Using your other hand, slide the metal pin through the edge of the bun, on one side. Then, slide the pin under the bun, along your scalp. When you reach the other side of the bun, poke the pin back out through the hair. Flex the decorated top over the bun and allow it to curve around the top of the bun and latch over the pin.

4. Classic French Twist

To start, gather the hair from the back of your neck as if you’re prepping a low ponytail. Now, give it a twist, twist, twist, for that fancy roll look. Time to flip that twist upwards along your head. When you reach the top, fold the end down and tuck it in the twist. One hand holds the twist in place while the other slides the Flexi Clip barrette’s metal pin under the twist, along your scalp. Let the pin pop out on the other side of the twist. The clip’s fancy top bends over the French Twist, giving a secure hold and a touch of glam!

Fall in Love!

It’s time to level up your hair game with these Lilla Rose metal hair clips. Forget just holding back hair, these flexi clips for hair are magic. Turning your natural hair barrette for thick into stunning, effortless styles.

Customer Stories:

I had previously placed an order, received it, love the Flexi Barrett and have recommended you to many of my relatives and friends.
Thank you,
Janet S.

I just want to say I love the Flexi Clips! I bought one over 10 years ago at a festival in Rochester, NY and it’s still my favorite way to pull back my hair. Been on the hunt for them at festivals ever since. Glad you are in business; never stop selling!
Shelby H.

I love wearing all the Lilla Rose products, and haven’t worn anything else in my hair since I found them several years ago. Usually, I don’t wear a high ponytail for taekwondo class, low ponytails work just fine with the flexi sport hair clips and they never move, even when sparring.

Thank you!
Laura A.


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