What to buy your mother for her next birthday


We all think that our mom is the best mom on the planet, and so it’s natural that want to treat her to the best possible gift on her birthday and Mother’s Day. But knowing what to get a woman who has everything can be tough, especially if she loves shopping and she treats herself to new clothes, accessories, homewares, and cosmetics whenever she wants them.

Below, we’ve put together five great gift ideas to give you some food for thought…



One gift that you’d struggle to go wrong with is a piece of jewelry. Mothers love to wear their necklaces, bracelets, and rings with pride, even more so when their children buy them for them. Whether you opt for something modern, like a fancy personalized ring, or you go for a traditional or religious piece of jewelry such as Celtic cross jewelry, there are so many great options to consider; review your mom’s tastes and current style and make the right decision.



The houseplant craze has exploded in recent years, and now it seems as though everyone has a monstera deliciosa sitting in their hallway. If your mom is green-fingered, why not think about buying her a houseplant for her next birthday? Not only do they look beautiful and can brighten up rooms, but research shows that they’re good for your health, improving your mood, reducing stress levels, boosting productivity,  reducing blood pressure, and lots more.

Trip away


If your mom has everything and wouldn’t appreciate another handbag or bouquet of flowers, why not consider booking her and her partner onto a trip away? Surprise vacations can be so much fun, whilst open-ended travel vouchers give your mom the flexibility to travel when she can. Whether you book her onto a week’s trip to Vegas or somewhere more exotic, giving the gift of a travel experience will help her to make memories rather than collect items.

Personalized wall art


The chances are that your mom loves you and your siblings a lot, so why not invest in some quality wall art that shows off your faces? That way, whenever your mom is cooking in the kitchen or relaxing in the lounge, she’ll be able to see her children, even when you’re hundreds of miles away. If you’re feeling particularly generous, organize a family photoshoot and have the image blown up onto a canvas, or get artistic and paint a family portrait.

Family vouchers


Finally, if you’re low on money or you simply have no idea what to buy your mom, consider making some vouchers that she can exchange whenever she wants. Think things such as a meal out with her son, a girly afternoon at the spa, or big old family get-together. It may feel like a cop-out if you’re used to spending hundreds of dollars on gifts, but it’s the thought that really counts, and it’s a beautiful way to show your mom you want to spend time with her.

There you have it – five awesome gift ideas to give to your mom. Whatever you end up choosing, we wish you the very best of luck, and wish your mom a very happy birthday!


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