What kind of benefits You Can Expect from the Bikini Epilator


Classic, Brazilian, full, metro ticket, the choice of waxing the bikini can be difficult as there are. Here is a little reminder of the tips and different cuts for hair removal.

The forms of bikini hair removal

The bikini line is the most difficult area to depilate. The skin is particularly fragile and exercise requires agility, sometimes with the help of an esthetician. This is why, the choice of method is so important for hair removal of the bikini line without pain.

Preparation before waxing the bikini

You are probably used to minute hair removal from the legs. But bikini hair removal is more delicate and more sensitive. Proper preparation is essential before starting bikini hair removal. The day before your bikini hair removal, remember to moisturize your skin, so that it is less attacked during hair removal. On D-Day, practice a scrub with an exfoliating product on the affected area of ​​skin. Finally, disinfect this area well with an alcohol-free lotion. All this preparation avoids skin reactions, pimples and ingrown hairs.

What technique to choose to wax the bikini?

The razor and depilatory cream are the quickest solutions. However, these techniques are rather not recommended for sensitive skin. The “bikini clipper” helps to thicken the hair before bikini hair removal. The bikini epilator, in the inconvenient format for removing hair from the bikini line, is the most tedious and quite painful method. Wax remains the best solution, for a net result and slow regrowth (3 weeks). To epilate the bikini line, prefer hot , oriental wax . Apply with a spatula and remove by hand. In the opposite direction of the hair, with a quick and dry gesture to avoid pain. Apply a moisturizer after your hair removal. You also have the choice of epilating your bikini line with tweezers but only for touch-ups in order to avoid ingrown hairs as much as possible. For more comfort and a professional result, you can also for an appointment with the beautician for which the price will rise from 10 to 40 euros depending on the technique and the form of hair removal chosen.

The forms of bikini hair removal

The classic jersey

It’s the easiest to do. It just involves removing the hair that protrudes from the bikini line above and around the pubic area. You can make it with wax in an institute or at home with wax (cold or hot), with a razor or with a bikini line epilator.

The Brazilian jersey

Like Brazilian swimsuits (triangle), the Brazilian swimsuit consists of creating a triangle of hair on the pubis. This protruding cut is perfect for those who wear high-cut swimsuits or thongs.

Metro ticket depilation

As the name suggests, this hair removal consists of creating a rectangle at the level of the pubis. For it to be aesthetic, the hairs must be plucked above the pubis and at the level of the labia majora. This epilation of the bikini line is in great demand because it is easy to maintain.

The Brazilian jersey

This variant of the metro ticket consists of leaving only a thin strip of hair at the level of the pubis and leaving nothing at the level of the lips and anus. This cut of hair removal was baptized thus because it is very successful in the United States.

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