What Inland Empire Bridal Hair Experts Have To Say About the Most Common Styling Mistakes?


It is hard to resist the temptation of glazing, dyeing, masking your hair, or experimenting with your strands just before the big day arrives. But too much last-minute planning can leave your hair with major troubles. So instead of going blind with your bridal hairstyle experimentation, why don’t you check some basic tips to avoid bridal hair faux pas?

Stop Fine-Tuning Your Hair with Color

The tempting prospect can end up being a nightmare if your color up, or touch-ups go wrong. If you badly need to color your hair, make sure to do it at least a week before your wedding. The seasoned Inland Empire Bridal Hair stylists recommend that you do not go overboard with your choice of shades. For instance, if you have dull blonde hair, just go for a nourishing shampoo and conditioning treatment to neutralize the yellow tint in hair. Use a shade boosting gloss to make your hair vibrant. The use of a nourishing, hydrating hair mask is helpful too.Apply on the night before your wedding to keep your hair duly moisturized, thus avoiding frizzes on the next day.

Last Minute Cuts Are the Last Thing

It is important to trim your hair to do away with split ends and to tidy up your tresses. But make sure to go for trimming at least four weeks before your wedding. Freshly cut hair does not hang and hold on to the style well. Your tresses need a little bit of wear and tear can do the trick for you. Again, it is more than important to keep your hair at least shoulder length to create the perfect bridal updo. If you wear your hair short or have chopped it off lately, then at least use quality extensions that coordinate with your natural hair color.

Reconsider the Flower Power

The heavy on the Pinterest new age brides often end up picking the most regrettable bridal hair accessory ever- flowers! Don’t use flowers unless you are a true Bohemian in spirit. You can rather keep them saved for your bridal shower or the next Coachella. However, if you are truly confident about finding a ‘flowery’ hairstyle that will do justice to your bridal avatar, then be careful about the flower you pick. If you are having a summer wedding, speak to your florist for flowers that will not wilt in harsh lights or sunshine. Don’t forget to store your flowers in a freezer and do not take them out until you put them to adorn your hairdo. This will keep the flowers appear fresh for a longer time.

Skimping On Hair Vitamins

There is hardly a substitute for keeping your hair naturally healthy. A celebrity Inland Empire Bridal Hair recommends taking your daily dose of vitamins with Biotin. It is the key to have naturally lustrous and thicker strands.

Last but never the least, remember to keep ‘backups’ like a small comb, sprayer, and some tiny bobby pins handy with your bridesmaids. You will need them if an emergency arises.

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