Tips to Reduce Oil Secretion on Your Face


Before you learn how to reduce oil secretion from the face, first learn about the simple structure of the skin. The skin is the biggest part of the integumentary system and it is made up of the dermis, endodermis and the ectoderm. Within these three layers, there are hair follicles and sebaceous glands which ensure the skin is physiologically and anatomically strong. The sebaceous glands produce oil in a bid to nourish the skin and make it soft. Too much of something is a problem which is why when the sebaceous glands produce excess oils, the skin becomes too shinny. Many people have been using blotting papers but here are some other ways of reducing oil secretion on the face. 

Wash Your Face Regularly 

Oily skin becomes shinny and shiny making you to look reflective on the sun. when you wash your face on regularly, you eliminate the secreted oil making you to have a clean face that doesn’t have excess oil. You need to carry your water wherever you go and spare sometime to wash your face. Washing your face suppresses the oil production from sebaceous glands. Sebaceous glands contract and reduce in size making you to enjoy excellent face appearance because the oil production will reduce on your face.

Use Alcohol Toners 

If you have ever used spirit for disinfection whether on your hands or your face, you understand that it has a drying impact. This means when you use a toner on your face, it will impose the drying impact on your face making you to reduce oil production on your face. Use alcohol wipes to ensure your face is moderately nourished. Don’t use concentrated alcohol because it could end up irritating your skin which will not be a good effect on your skin. You can use antiseptic wipes that are also made with alcohol content so they can impose the drying effect. 

Use Blotting Papers 

Blotting papers help to absorb excess oils or fluids on your skin. Most of these papers are enriched with antiseptic which also helps to keep your skin out of germs thereby preventing you from infections. Blotting papers are not a burden because all you need is a pack to carry so that you wipe yourself on the face when you feel like it is too oily. This is the best way to ensure you don’t look oily and shiny and oily on the face. The best way is to ensure you have excellent face that has moderate amount of fluid on it.

You can use a facial mask which are normally made of clay, honey or oatmeal all of which are known to be excellently working in reducing oil secretions from the people’s faces. You will have a smooth looking face that doesn’t contain excess oils at all.


Facial care is important if you want to reduce oil secretion from your face. Always ensure you have wipes, blotting papers or facial masks on every place you go. It helps to ensure you don’t get even conditions such as eczema or acne because it keeps your skin actively working. 

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