Tips to Make Your Nails Grow Faster


Nails are part of body aesthetics. The healthier they look, the more attractive you become which is why every girl and woman must work to ensure they have good looking nails. Best Nail salon in Katy is filled with specialists and good cosmetic products to ensure people have good looking nails. As a person, you can take the initiative to primarily contribute to the best nails on your fingers. Although genes and aging determine how quick your nails grow, here are some of the interventions you can take to ensure you make nails grow faster than you expect. 

Eat Foods that Promote Nail Growth 

Nails are keratin which means they are produced from the body nutrients. You have to eat a balanced diet for your nails to have sufficient nutrients to grow. Cysteine, folate, biotin and Zinc are some of the nutrients needed to ensure there is a faster growth of the nails. Vitamin A and Vitamin C also play an important role in ensuring you have the best growing nails at all times. Eat foods that are rich on those nutrients and you will be able to grow nails quicker than you expect.

Cut Your Nails Using Appropriate Devices 

Most people have a habit of biting nails, using blunt devices to just cut the nails or even use a material to scratch the nails. Such practices make your nails to have some areas of irregularities which make them not to look good and also make them to have a stunted growth. To ensure you prevent that, make sure you use a nail cutter, a blade or something more appropriate to cut your nails. You will give them more room to grow without ruining their uniformity. Some people have had to bandage their nails just to make sure they don’t bite them. 

Harsh soaps and Cleaners Are Not Good 

Before even getting into harsh soaps, first make sure you cut nails that have split margins because that could lead to the whole nail dividing into pieces. Harsh soaps, cleansing products and solvents pulls out all the cosmetic products you have applied on your nails. This means the nails will not grow as you want them to. Always take time to deeply moisturize your nails so that you keep a smooth nailbed that makes it easier for new nail tissue to grow. Oils remain the best option to moisturize your nails so that they grow faster than you expect. 

Use safe manicure products that will not cause any allergy to your nails. Excessive manicure normally results to nail damage so get professional nail salon that knows what to apply to your nail for a perfect growth to occur without any side effects. 


Nail growing is not easy because they grow slowly and also they also need a lot of care. This is even made harder by the fact that people have to use their hands to touch things some of which may be harmful to the nail health. Nail salons know how to rehabilitate damaged nails and make them grow at the speed you would wish them to. 

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