Earrings are the absolute accessory to complete a fashionable look. They can be simple, but they bring out the right finishing touch that turns out to be the envy of every lady. But, wearing the wrong earrings can turn out to be a painful experience for your ear and also ruin your whole mood. The good thing is, you can learn how to differentiate between a good pair of earrings and the wrong one. Below are the things you should check when shopping for earrings.

The metals

Earrings are made of different types of metals, which can be precious or non-precious. There are gold earrings, Sterling Silver Earrings, and those made of nickel-based alloys. When shopping for earrings, keep in mind that some metals are known to be allergic to some people, especially nickel-based alloys. An example of such is stainless steel, which contains some small amounts of nickel. If you have a problem with metal alloys, you can go for hypo-allergenic earrings such as those made of titanium or niobium. 

Sterling silver earrings are usually 92.5% silver, with the other percentage being alloys. A 14kt gold earring is 58.5% gold, with the rest being alloys either from copper, nickel, silver, or zinc, depending on its shade.

The design

Earings come in many types of designs. When choosing earrings, it is best to experiment with different and new techniques each time. However, in most cases, the occasion determines the design of the earrings. If there are no limitations, you can experiment with different earring designs to find one that suits you. You should pick a design with an intent in mind as different styles bring out different effects such as sexy, elegant, delightful, silly, fun, romantic, cute, or professional.

The color

The color also matters when it comes to wearing earrings. Choose earrings that complement your skin complexion. A well-selected earring is supposed to match your facial features, complexion, and your outfit. Buy earrings to match an outfit and not the other way round. Choose colors that dominate your wardrobe, and feel free to experiment until you find a color that goes well with your complexion.

Gem or no gem

Gems are precious stones. When they are used on earrings, they add sparkle and increases their worth. Deciding whether to wear a gem or no gem is mainly based on the occasion and affordability. Buy genuine gemstones for wearing on special events if you can afford them. Remember that the bigger the gem, the higher the value of the earrings. On the other hand, small gemstones bring out a sparkle in everyday wear.

The weight

When buying earrings, consider their weight. Overweight earrings are uncomfortable and could be harmful to your earlobe because of the pull.  Plus, the hang of a heavy earring is not appealing. Check the weight of the earrings to ensure they are comfortable and that they enhance your ear appearance.

The price

How much you wish to spend on a pair of earrings depends entirely on your pockets. Many women choose to pay more for earrings for special occasions and averagely on earrings for everyday wear.


Most importantly, buy earrings that you feel comfortable wearing while at the same time enhancing your appearance. If you are not sure about what metals you are allergic to, it is best to see an allergist.


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