Things Know About Masks During Corona Virus Period


The global pandemic is here and it has already claimed hundreds of thousands of lives worldwide. It favors no one as long as you don’t follow the protective guidelines, you are a potential target. Besides sanitizing and physical distancing, it is important to also wear a Face Mask with filter. What people don’t know is that masks with a respirator is the one that can be relied on because it prevents the entrance of outside pathogens into your respiratory system. What do you know about masks? Here are some tips about masks that can help you. 

Surgical Masks Have an Inner and Outer Side 

Did you know that surgical masks have an inner and outer side? The inner side is the one that traps microbes and so it is the protective layer. The outer side is just a surface. To protect yourself, you need to wear the mask inside out. This is to allow the protective layer trap all the microbes so that you don’t get infected with the virus. If you are the one who has an illness and you want to protect people, you can then wear it the way it is. 

You Should Sanitize Your Hands Before You Touch the Mask 

When you wear a mask, you should know that your hands are bear and they touch a lot of surfaces which could be containing the virus. Imagine you go to a shop, touch a surface with the virus then without sanitizing, you touch the mask. That would not help you to prevent the virus but instead, it will infect you and make you to sick. Always sanitize first before you touch the mask on your Face. Sanitizing helps to kill the virus on your hands which means you would be able to touch your face without infecting yourself.

Social Distancing is a Must 

Corona virus is spread through the respiratory and oral droplets that drop from the mouth and nose as people speak. When you are closer to a person, less than one meter, it means the droplets could get trapped on your mask and you could end up getting infected. To prevent yourself from such a misfortune, make sure you socially distance yourself to prevent the droplets from attach your mask. Wearing a mask just reduces the direct entry of these pathogens into your system but if you are persistently exposed, you could end up getting condition which is not good. 


Masks come in different types but the most appropriate one is the one with an air filter. The filter on it ensures that air is purified before it enters your respiratory system so you no virus or bacteria can get access to your respiratory system. Ensure that you take the best caution not to put off your mask in places where there are a lot of people. Putting off your mask from your face increases the touching which could easily transfer the virus to the mask. Wearing a mask is like discipline, you always need to uphold it. 

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