The Most Common Uses of Paracord


Paracord is a lightweight, strong rope made from nylon material. It is commonly used for camping and survival kits. It is not just for survival, anything you need a cord for – such as lacing up shoes or brushing your teeth – can be done with this useful piece of equipment.

Tying knots 

Knowing how to tie a variety of knots can be life-saving in an emergency situation, or an interesting and fun skill to learn. Knots can come in handy for various purposes from tying a splint, to creating a makeshift tourniquet. Paracord is also extremely useful when it comes to performing everyday tasks such as securing items in your bag, making bracelets, and lanyards.

Making a clothesline in an emergency 

Paracord, sometimes called parachute cord, is a type of nylon rope, originally designed to be used as a part of parachutes. It is made from strands of various colored nylon and can be found in many different lengths. 

When used for its original purpose, it was called 550 cord or static-line cord because it uses static electricity to help reduce the amount of tension needed on a line when lowering. 

Making fire starters for fires when wet

Paracord is a multi-functional tool. It can be used as a lanyard, a belt, or for binding. It has many uses, but one of the most common is creating fire starters when wet. These fire starters are made by tying two strands of paracord together and then wrapping them around some tinder material such as cotton balls or dryer lint.

Use it as a bracelet/necklace 

Paracord has a variety of uses, from serving as a bracelet or necklace, to attaching gear to an anchor, securing tent stakes, and even building snow shelters.This is the most common use for paracord is as a bracelet or necklace since it is easy to make and doesn’t damage the skin.

Make a garrote knot to kill an animal quicky 

In the field of survival, people are always looking for new and creative ways to stay alive. A garrote is one such ingenious weapon that can easily be made with a length of paracord. The knot is simple to tie, but difficult to undo once it has been completed.

Use the 550-cord bra for hiking or climbing

550 cord is a nylon fabric that has been woven with a multitude of strands. It can be used for all sorts of activities such as rappelling, canoeing, climbing and many others. It is commonly used by the United States military and civilian outdoors enthusiasts, and it is available in different colors and lengths.


In summary, paracord is a type of nylon rope that can be used for survival. It is strong, lightweight, and durable. It has many uses and has been used in different ways to provide the user with more options when they are outdoors. With all the different colors, lengths, and patterns of paracord available on the market today, it is hard to choose which one to use.


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