The Lesser Known Benefits of Growing a Beard


From just growing a little scruff to going straight to the full-on Galifianakis beard, there is a good reason to give the razor a break – not just because it saves time. Some research has proven that growing a beard is one of the best ways to maintain naturally moisturized and younger-looking skin. Some of the top reasons to let a beard grow can be found below.

Protection from the Sun

According to research out of the University of Southern Queensland, beards will block as much as 95% of the UV rays, which will play a significant role in helping to prevent some skin cancer, such as basal cell carcinomas.

Keep these statistics in mind. Four of every five cases of this cancer in men will show up on the head, neck, and face, and the sun is to blame for about 90% of the visible signs of aging. Even though a beard can’t prevent these issues on the forehead, it will help to keep the bottom portion of the face looking younger.

Skin Free of Blemish

Avoiding using the razor does not just hide the blemishes on a person’s face; it will actually prevent them. Folliculitis, acne, and razor rash usually occur after shaving. One solution is to try out Bossman products, and another is to avoid the razor altogether. Using a razor can cause serious skin irritation and spread bacteria, which may result in an infection of the hair follicles.

More Masculinity

There is a reason that lumberjacks are perceived as tough. The more facial hair that a man has, the more masculine both women and men perceive them according to a recent study. If a man wants to appear more masculine, they should consider growing a beard.

A Natural Source of Moisture

Most people are not aware that their face has its own, built-in moisturizing regiment. It is called the sebaceous glands, more commonly referred to as the oil glands. These glands will secret a natural oil that helps to keep the skin moisturized. A thicker beard will help to prevent the oil from being rubbed off the face, and it protects from any wind exposure, which can cause dryness and redness.

Trapped Allergens

The hairs in the nose will trap much more than people realize. Along with what is seen in the tissue, nose hairs will start to trap pollutants that may harm the body. The more hair that is present under the nose (which means, the bigger the beard), the more contaminants that it is trapping each day. Just make sure to treat the beard like any other type of filter and wash it regularly.

Beard Care Is a Must

When it comes to proper beard care, this is something that cannot be ignored. Take some time to use the tips and information here to make the most out of the beard that is grown. Even men who struggle to grow a beard can enjoy great-looking facial hair when they use the tips and information here.


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