The Essential Tips in Taking Care of Delicate Necklaces


There are various types of accessories that you can wear to complete your outfit. While some women are keen on using earrings, not all want to have their ears pierced. For this reason, other women prefer to wear necklaces to accentuate their overall look instead. However, necklaces also vary, with some being significantly durable, and others extremely delicate. When it comes to the latter, below are some essential tips in taking care of them.

Use a zip lock

One of the primary things that you can do to take care of your jewellery pieces is to store them in a zip lock. This works well particularly for delicate necklaces that need extra care. The reason behind this is that over time, air and moisture can tarnish your jewellery. Thus, to avoid air and moisture contact, you need to keep your necklaces and other jewellery pieces in a zip lock. Just keep in mind to squeeze out all the air first before you seal the zip lock.

You can also store your delicate silver necklaces with chalk because chalk can absorb moisture. Otherwise, you can also invest in dehumidifiers or silica packs. Alongside this, you should also avoid leaving your jewellery pieces on chemically treated surfaces, or even wood. This is because these kinds of surfaces, including wood, can speed up the tarnishing process of your delicate pieces of jewellery.

Keep it away from skincare

As much as possible, finish your skincare routine before you wear your jewellery. Make sure that your skin has fully absorbed the products that you used before you wear your necklace. When you wear your jewellery before applying lotion, perfume, or hairspray, for instance, there is a great chance that your accessories will tarnish faster. In parallel to this, make it a habit to take off your delicate necklace pieces before you go swimming or spend time inside a sauna.

Avoid leaving it under direct sunlight

Apart from ensuring that your jewellery doesn’t get in contact with your skincare products, you should also be careful not to leave them under direct sunlight. For delicate pieces with gemstones, leaving them under the direct sunlight can cause fading or dullness in the stone’s colour. Thus, if you want the colour of your gemstones to be bright and vibrant, never leave them under direct sunlight.

Rotate the jewellery you use

For sure you have a favourite jewellery piece that you would prefer to wear every day because it just looks good on every outfit that you wear. In this case, your favourite necklace may be worn out faster if you don’t get to rotate it with any other jewellery that you have. Since your necklaces are not really meant to be worn 24/7, you should opt to give your favourite necklace a break and show some love to the other pieces that you have.

Wipe it clean

Finally, take the time to wipe your delicate jewellery pieces using an anti-tarnish cloth before you store them away at the end of the day. In doing so, you will be able to ensure that any moisture, oil, or dust accumulated when you wear it is eliminated. Just make sure never to use any toothpaste in an attempt to clean your jewellery pieces because this can damage them in the long run.

The Bottomline

The jewellery that you wear completes your overall look, which is why you need to take care of them if you want to use them longer. Rest assured that the tips listed above work well for delicate jewellery pieces that may need extra attention. All you need is to make them a habit and you will surely enjoy your necklaces and other accessories for a long time.

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