Spiral Hair Ties: Tricks For the Perfect Pony


Between all the treatments, trims, products, and masks, the ultimate goal of hair care is to have the healthiest, happiest mane possible. We use heat protectors, wide-tooth combs, and hydrating oils, all with this end goal in mind. But what about our hair ties? Have you ever wondered if your elastic band hair ties were working for, or against your ultimate hair goal? Just like with the other products that we select carefully for our hair, we should be just as careful when it comes to selecting a hair tie. While old-school, traditional elastic hair ties might be your first go to, you should know there are better options out there. Spiral hair ties are some options that are reliable, and comfortable. They also help to limit hair damage and tangles. 

Healthy Hair is Manageable Hair

The more frizzy, dry, and tangled your hair is, the harder you will have to work for it to style well. So, it only makes sense to do all that we can to keep the hair shaft in tip-top shape. Elastic hair ties can easily tangle in even the healthiest of hair, creating breakage and frizz. Using a rubber spiral coiled hair tie completely eliminates this problem. The smooth surface of the rubber allows the hair tie to simply glide from the hair when you want to remove it, leaving the cuticle of the hair smooth and undisturbed, while the spiral structure of the coil holds your ponytail high and tight with the utmost comfort.

To use a spiral rubber hair tie, you simply;

  • Brush and gather your hair into the desired style
  • Use the spiral hair tie to fasten and secure the style
  • When you want to remove the style, pull the rubber hair tie and it will gently and easily slip out of the hair

Spice Up Your Ponytail

The cute, quirky spiral coil shape is a subtle fashion statement, adding a little flair to your everyday pony much like a scrunchie, but with a better, more structured hold. You can opt for the most subtle, a clear band, or turn it up a notch with a bubblegum pink one to match your favorite pair of shoes. They also come in colors like brown, auburn and beige, to camouflage right into your hair color. These spiral ties are great for those on the go because they won’t leave a crease or kink when you remove them as an elastic tie would. You can go from a ponytail to waves effortlessly, running from the gym to work has never been so carefree. They are more comfortable than an elastic tie, never leaving you with a knot to detangle or worse, a headache from wearing too long. Coiled rubber hair ties are also more durable, they can be stretched far larger than an elastic band, and will still return to its original size without wear and tear,  just place them in warm water and they are as good as new. They can be washed and sanitized without compromising their strength, making them a much more hygienic option as well.

Sugar Twists from Milk + Sass

At Milk + Sass, the health of your hair comes first. From anti-frizz products, detangling travel brushes, to these spiral hair ties, they have all you need to achieve your hair goals. If a healthy ponytail is important to you, Sugar Twists are a saving grace. Keep your mane happy with Milk + Sass.


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