As you may already know, a season change also indicates a shift in how your skin behaves. When transitioning from summer to fall season, skin dryness, pigmentation, and dullness are common. Skin breakouts are also another condition many people experience because oil flow is still more, and the cool fall air also builds up a layer of dead skin. Such a combination traps oil and bacteria on the skin surface, causing breakouts.

Regardless of your skin type, you only have to implement minor changes to your skin routine during this seasonal change. You should only rely on trusted products, such as the missah products since the skin can be a bit sensitive during this time.

Change your cleanser

Switching up your cleanser is the first step to adopting an effective fall skincare routine. The summer gels and foaming cleansers might be too harsh to use during the fall season, especially if your skin is susceptible to dryness and flakiness. Ensure you use a sulfate-free cleanser that barely bubbles when applying it. The lesser it lathers, the gentler it is.

Boost hydration

The air is getting cooler but not so dry yet during the fall season, so boosting your hydration really helps. Ensure you are taking lots of water and use a toner for that extra hydration for your skin. However, you need to cleanse your skin first, then use an alcohol-free toner immediately before your skin dries. When you apply the toner, you should leave it damp on your skin and apply the next product directly, which is a moisturizer.

Use a heavier moisturizer.

One of the most critical skincare tips is to keep your skin heavily moisturized during the fall season because your moisture barrier is compromised during summer. While a lightweight moisturizer is perfect for all skin types during summer, the fall season needs a heavier moisturizer to prevent moisture loss as the temperatures drop.If using a gel moisturizer, you can consider switching to lotion moisturizers or something with a thicker consistency.

Exfoliate regularly

Some skin types are prone to more sensitivity during summer due to the increased heat, sun exposure, and chlorine in swimming pools. If you have such skin, you should exfoliate minimally during summer to avoid skin irritations. However, the fall season comes with a change. It is time to exfoliate thoroughly to remove the unwanted pigment and discoloration caused by the summer heat. It is best to use a well-formulated facial scrub to remove dead skin that traps bacteria and replace dull cells with fresh and healthier ones leaving your complexion brighter.

Use a cream mask

If you were using a water-based mask to hydrate your skin during summer, switch it up with a cream-based mask when transitioning to the fall season, especially if you are experiencing dryness. A cream mask that replicates the skin’s natural moisturizers is best to keep your skin elastic.

The bottom line

Be attentive to your skin. Things such as dryness, tightness, sensitivity, and increased breakout indicate that it’s time to change your skincare routine for a better one.

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