Paris Hilton Lodato I Blame You 



“No matter what a woman looks like, if she’s confident, she’s sexy”- Paris Hilton

Over decades, Paris Hilton had surprised her fans by her outfits she donned. The legendary fashion icon has made her fans go ga-ga by her topless pose. Paris has made this risky topless look on the cover art of her brand-new single “I Blame You” with Lotado. 

Her fashion quotient is not limited only to typical occasions. Her elegant looks make every outfit a fashion to follow. Also, titled as a “Fashion Icon of This Generation” her attire becomes a trend to adapt by youngsters. 

Remember the moment when Paris Hilton and Kim Kardashian, the two gorgeous ladies, walked on the streets of California with a Louis Vuitton purse? They reenacted the scene when Kim Kardashian released her new clothing line “Skims” that brought the vintage 2000’s velour tracksuits back to fame. 

The duo nailed it again and that was a big surprise for the fans. The campaign photo over the internet is driving everyone crazy in which the duo is seen carrying Louis Vuitton bags. 

Popular for her outfits like a gown, tracksuits, sweatsuit, etc., Paris has chosen a topless look for the cover art of her new song with Lotado. It has created a sensation in the music world and on the internet. Her topless pose looks elegant and classy. The song has received a huge response from the audience.

It is considered one of the best songs ever till date. When you will listen to the actual song, the music mesmerizes you. Where Kim Kardashian is out with her new trendy fashionable wear, Paris on the other end has created a buzz with her topless look.

There is more yet to come. Let us wait how Paris and Kim surprise their fans the next.  

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