Office Look Essentials


If you are a fresh graduate, who has just entered the workforce, not knowing much about what to wear for work, we are here to help! You do not need to go with the usual tailored black suit every day. Try out a new style that is work-appropriate and fashionable at the same time.

You can dress well and feel good about yourself on weekdays too! We have come up with a list of Office Look Essentials. Check through the list to see if you have everything ready for your new day at work!

Office Attire

You can define your style even at your workplace. It is safe to wear the usual black tailored suit. However, you can add on a little color to your office attire with a colored blazer to layer with your usual white blouse.

There are different office attires which you can try out to give you a chic and professional look. Consider moving away from the usual traditional office dress to a structured office dress with modern details like asymmetrical hem and corset. This will make you look stylish and elegant.

You can also try out jumpsuit, layered with a white turtleneck underneath. This can give a more casual look which you can go for on days you do not need to meet clients. Enjoy trying out different office attires so you will not get bored with office style.

If you have run out of ideas on what to wear, you can get inspirations from office wear Singapore blogshop. There are many different types of office attire that can help you to get through the week without repeating the same outfit.


Wearing a watch signifies style. It is an important accessory to complement your outfit. You may be wondering, why do you need to wear a watch when you can check the time using your phone. It shows that you know when electronics are inappropriate. A wristwatch is a much more discreet way to keep up with meeting timings without appearing rushed.

It is an important piece to convey one’s style and personality too. Be mindful to match your watch with your outfit. If the watch is not suitable for your attire, skip it. Hence, it is good to have different types of watches for different occasions.


A handbag is a woman’s fashion statement that can make or break her style. You need to carry the right handbag for the right occasion. Spend a little more money on investing in different handbags for different occasions.

On top of aesthetic purposes, your handbag also needs to be functional. The size matters so choose one that is not so heavy. A classic handbag can last for a long time because it will never go out of style and you can match it with multiple office wear.


After putting in so much effort to choose the right outfit, right accessory, and right handbag, you do not want to waste your effort by matching your outfit with a wrong pair of heels. A classic pair of heels will never go wrong. If you are looking for comfort, you can consider matching your outfit with a pair of elegant flats too.

These are the office look essentials and remember to make sure all the different elements come together nicely. When any of it goes wrong, it will put all your effort down the drain.

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