Manicure vs Pedicure: Are They That Different?


Did you know that humans have been adorning their nails since around 5000 BC? Beauty rituals may have changed since then but manicures and pedicures are here to stay. They’re a fun and budget-friendly example of self-care that you can try at home. 

But what if you don’t know the differences between a manicure vs pedicure? (Hint: it’s more than just fingers and toes.) Read on for answers below!

The Difference Between Manicure vs Pedicure

Most people know that manicures are for hands, and pedicures are for feet. While the end goal of polished nails is the same for both areas, the methods to achieve that differ slightly, as do some of the tools. While both manicures and pedicures can both use nail files, clippers, cuticle clippers, orange sticks, and polish, pedicures need a little bit extra.

Feet are often soaked first, and they are usually scrubbed with a pumice stone to remove dead skin. Many sessions also add a foot and leg massage along with essential oils and scented foot baths. And unlike manicures, pedicures require a toe spacer insert to keep the polish from damage while drying.

What Is a Medi-Pedi?

While many people get a pedicure for aesthetic reasons, there are some who need it for medical reasons. A medical pedicure is done by a technician for not just nail upkeep and maintenance, but also to help restore foot health. Calluses can be removed, cracked heels can be filed and other necessary treatments can be administered. 

But one thing you won’t get at a medi-pedi is nail polish. Because the goal is healthy feet, podiatrists avoid painting toes for natural results. But you still should leave the appointment feeling refreshed… and can paint your nails at home if you like. 

Mani-Pedi Combo

If you want double the fun, opt for a mani-pedi combo. You’ll get the dual benefits of a good hand and foot soak, cuticle moisturization, filing, exfoliation, trimming, and massage for hands and feet all in one session. It’s a one-and-done thing that means you won’t have to think about your fingers and toe upkeep for a while.

At-Home Manicure and Pedicure

In these uncertain times, a lot of mani-pedi devotees have turned to home spa treatments. It’s easy to order supplies online like nail polish and nail primer along with other nail tools to create a salon-like experience in your own home. It’s the perfect DIY self-care treat and is so easy to do, once you have your beauty supplies. 

Ready to Get a Manicure and Pedicure?

If you’re excited to get a manicure and pedicure today, now you know the ins and outs of manicure vs pedicure! Whether you have an at-home session or go to a spa or salon, the end goal should be nail maintenance and a bit of relaxation, too. Plus, regular manicures and pedicures can contribute to overall good nail health. 

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