Know About Element Electronic Then Buy Magnetic Snaps Bulks


Richarms prides itself on producing and selling high quality magnetic resonant buy magnetic snaps bulk. Magnetic connectors can be used as wallet abbreviations, wallet closures, leather pins, magazine keys Our magnetic closure comes in a different color with electroplate inserts, and is as wide in size as 8mm, 10mm, 12mm, 14mm, 16mm, 17mm, 18mm, 20mm, round , rectangle, plum and variety of shapes. We also offer hidden magnetic abbreviations of various sizes. Many of our magnetic abbreviations are patented and among the strongest in the market.

Element Electronic


10mm 14mm 18mm Electronic Components Conductive Stem Female Snaps for Physiotherapy Instrument and Massage Device


Steel, Stainless Steel are used as materials

Women’s Capsule used is Iron, Copper or Stainless Steel

Male Capsule used is Iron

Model number

RC-Ele1005 / 1207 / 1407/1807


Male Snap: Clear, Wordings, Logo

Normal Color Listed

Hanging Nickle, Hanging Black Nickle, Hanging Light Gold, Hanging Bottom Gold, Rolling Nickle, Rolling Black Nickle, Rolling Light Gold, Rolling Bronze, Rolling Bottom Gold, Rolling Light Black Nickle, Rolling Dull Nickle, Light Antique Brass, Deep Antique Brass, Brush Antique Brass.

Custom Logo available

Custom logo magnetic snaps bulk available is Laser, Caved and Tooling


10mm, 12mm, 14mm, 18mm


Color you can choose Gold / Nickel / Gun / Rose Gold / Brush Ant / Other.


Packing is done in Box and cartoon.


Shipping are done in LCL / DHL / FedEx / TNT / Other

Application of the element electronic

You can use it for File Box, Bag, Glasses Box, and Purse.

Know about how to fix magnetic purse closure then buy magnetic snaps bulk

Magnetic snaps bulk bag closures are common in most bags and are used by manufacturers at all price points. Unfortunately, sometimes the magnetic closure is damaged, moved and not properly aligned or in need of repair or replacement. Carefully, you can adjust the magnetic resonance in your favorite bag easily and cheaply.

Measure a broken or damaged magnetic field closure in your bag. You can buy a magnetic bag closure instead of fabric and art stores. If the closure is broken or otherwise comes out of the bag, take it with you to ensure the exact or closest match.

Remove the damaged bag closure if it has not yet reached your bag. Slide the flathead screwdriver under the magnetic snap. Attach the snap to the top. Take a closer look and you’ll see two prongs wrapped around the opening in a magnetic snap backup. Use the palms to loosen the prongs and pull out the snap. Repeat the opposite part of the magnetic bag closure.

Make a small piece of cloth. Choose an area near the purse snap, which makes it easy to hide the crack. Cut the fabric and remove the snap backing for both the male and female half of the snap.

Slide the new magnetic snap backing up the canvas boat and head to the starting point for the snap. Drill holes in the magnetic snap backing with the correct position to close the wallet. Place the top half of the snap on top, processing the two metal tabs with the opening open. Fold the two tabs securely and place them in place. Repeat the opposite part of the snap.

Sew a piece of cloth by hand using small clean stitches.

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