Katherine Elizabeth Boîte Mini Bag



We started this brand, Katherine Elizabeth, because I am ready to take my passion to the next level and pursue it as a business. We design items we personally love and want to share with you. Katherine Elizabeth is a female owned brand that embodies creativity and genuineness. We are taking a minimalistic and elegant approach in our first ever handbag collection. Our mini bag collection is all about novelty and beauty. This collection is eye catching and bold. The pieces make a statement day and night. The Boîte bag will amplify your look while keeping it classy. The bag is super mini (10x8x3cm). It is made of genuine leather. It is made to hold items such as a mini perfume, lipstick, and cards.


Mini bags are more than just a strong trend, but a timeless staple.  Katherine Elizabeth is currently designing numerous items for a new collection, including larger bags and other appealing leather goods. Katherine’s vision is to provide luxury quality at an attainable price point. Although a challenge, Katherine Elizabeth, or KE for short, is revolutionizing the designer playing field through innovation. 

All goods are made from genuine, high quality imported leather and stitched by hand. Durability is important, and reputation is everything. We desire to please our customers and believe in transparency and communication in our customer service. 

Feel free to drop us a message any time via our site, or chat with us directly. We are based out of New York and Washington DC.

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