How to Tell if You are Buying Lab-grown Diamonds


There was a time when diamonds were too expensive to afford. We could only imagine having diamonds through the naturally mining process. But those days are long gone since people have started making lab-grown diamonds that are also real diamonds.

Synthetic or lab-grown diamonds were once confused if they were real or not, but people now rely on it significantly that most people don’t prefer natural diamonds. 

However, if you want to get the best lab-grown diamond purchase, you should know how to determine the type. And this article will be your helpful guide on it.

Clarity Check: Lab-grown diamonds usually don’t have more inclusions or impurities than naturally mined diamonds. They are naturally grown underneath the earth. So the impurities will be visible if you do the tests accordingly. Lab-grown diamonds are made in the labs. Therefore, the inclusions aren’t that strong and visible.

Colour Check: Lab-grown diamonds can be all colours since they are made in the labs. You will have the colour ranges separating natural diamonds and lab-grown ones because they only have a few.

Man made diamonds Brisbane are authentic and pure in colour and clarity that people don’t feel hesitant to buy their engagement rings made of lab-grown diamonds.

Cut Check: Lab-grown diamonds are beautifully made with the perfect shape and cut. You can give any setting of the diamond ring because the cut is worth it. Not only the rings but also any other jewellery looks good when you get the lab-grown diamonds. 

When people shop for lab grown diamonds London, they check for the cut, clarity, colour and carat to determine if they are going to buy the right thing or not.

The Price: You will always get lab-grown diamonds at lower prices than naturally mined diamonds. It’s the best part of having lab-grown diamonds. You can save up to 45% with your pocket money if you prefer buying lab-grown diamonds. Also, discounts and offers regularly will make the amount lesser.

Certifications: You will also get the certificate when buying lab-grown diamonds. If you don’t, you should ask for it instead. Otherwise, it would help if you didn’t go for the diamond purchase because it’s a must to have your certificate. It includes the details of the diamonds’ purity check.

So if you have confused about whether you are buying suitable lab-grown diamonds or not, check your certification.

Get an Expert’s Help: You can take an expert or professional’s help if you want to clear out your confusion about the lab-grown diamonds. They will do the light test and other required tests to identify whether you are buying artificial diamonds or not.

Overall, lab-grown diamonds are worth relying on with your budget. You can be tensed free about the quality and everything when you buy diamond jewellery. Make sure you maintain the diamonds properly.

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