How To Propose To Your Girlfriend With 4 Most Surprising Styles


The moment you know you have met the girl you want to spend the rest of your life with, don’t let her go. Propose to her in the most unique and surprising style to make the moment memorable forever. The happiness you see in her eyes will be everything you ever asked for.

If you are already decided to get engaged with her but are not sure of how to do it in the appropriate way, this article could be your helpful guide.

The Traditional Kneeling-Down Style: Trust me; it’s a common gesture, but the most romantic way to propose to a girl. Any woman would urge deep down inside her head to get a proposal like this. It’s a “dream come true” situation when the man kneels down to his woman with the most beautiful engagement ring.

Knowing this a common style to propose, women become surprised when the “love of their lives” kneel down for them to propose. So, you can try this in the first place, but make sure you make an unpredictable situation first to surprise your girl with the proposal.

You can do this at the bay of a beach, at a restaurant or a public place in front of everyone, while walking down the street or anytime when the girl isn’t expecting something like that would happen.

Make Her Breakfast with the Ring: Women feel pampered when their men make them breakfast. You can do this and as an added side, you can bring the engagement ring with the most appealing approach. Wake her up with the most surprising good morning vibe that she ever expected.

Place the Ring in a Dessert Item: Take your girlfriend on a fine dinner date. Bring her favourite dish with the wine she loves the most. And when you order the dessert item, place your ring inside it so that she can get the ring when cutting dessert. It can be the most surprising and happening moment for your girlfriend.

And about the engagement ring, you can choose diamond alternatives also if you are a bit short from the big-budget or want to get something out of the box. Moissanites are really a great diamond alternative that comes with more sparkles and variations in styles.

You can do the research on diamond vs moissanites to decide whether you want real diamonds or the alternative gemstone will do fine. Before that, try to know your girlfriend’s choice and expectations so that you don’t have to hurt her feelings.

Have a Waiter to Bring the Ring on a Plate: On a fine dinner date, you can have your waiter bring the beautiful engagement ring on a plate in the middle of your conversation. It will become a surprising moment for the woman, no wonder.

Express your feelings to your girlfriend in the sweetest way; it works more than the expensive ring, trust me.

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