How to Keep Your Persian Rings Forever New?


Of all the rings in the world, rings sourced from Persia are one of the most famous and precious ones. They are intricately designed and oozes with royalty. While you might have spent a few bucks on it or on the go to buy it, here are few simple tricks on how to preserve its ‘store-bought’ looks forever.

Simplicity Is the Solution

While you might have thought that you would be needed to purchase expensive solvents and cleaners to keep your rings clean, your interpretations might be wrong. Rings are best preserved if you do not put any chemicals on it. They are always better off with lukewarm soapy water and a baby-toothbrush to stay new and clean.

On using solvents or any type of chemicals over Persian emerald, sapphire, ruby, diamond rings, you run the possibility of helping the polymer, oil present in them to leak out and eventually damage them over the years.

Avoid Sleeping With Them 

You might have slept several times with your favorite jewelry on, sans having any issues whatsoever, but according to jewelry specialties, sleeping with jewelry on can pose harm on you or the Persian rings. There remains a possibility of you either breaking the chain, losing a stone or even bending a prone. It is henceforth advisable to keep off your rings when you sleep.

Keep It in A Separate Place

Keeping and storing your rings plays an important role in preserving its looks for ages as it can damage it, depending on your techniques to preserve it.

Try keeping your Persian design rings in a box and keep each of the rings in a separate box, making sure the rings don’t come in contact with each other. The harder stones, according to various ring store owners, tend to scratch the soft stones, which you don’t wish to happen.

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