How to Improve Your Wooden Flower Arrangements Using Filler Flowers


Do you prefer to change the interior design of your home every two months or according to the seasons? Do you feel better when you have flowers in your home? After replying “yes” to the preceding question, you may go on to complain about how rapidly flowers wilt. If you enjoy the beauty of real flowers but want them to last longer, consider using sola wood flowers instead.

These versatile wooden flowers may be utilized in a number of situations. Wedding planners use them for bouquets and decorations across the reception site, while artists use them to lend a unique touch to their works. You can utilize them as well. They are simple to utilize for interior design and need minimal maintenance to keep them looking new.

Select a few crucial locations and add some green flowers to complete the picture. The Luv Sola flowers will be a charming addition to your home regardless of how you utilize them. When flowers are present in a home, they have the ability to boost mood and induce tranquillity.

In this post, we will discuss how to care for your Luv Sola wood flowers so that your floral arrangements survive as long as possible.

What Do Flowers Mean to Luv Sola?

The special quality of Luv Sola flowers is that their beauty may be retained for all time with careful care. They are lovely, solid wooden flowers. Blossoms themselves come in a variety of formats, with the option of raw or skinned flowers.

The flowers are made from shola, which is also used to produce Luv Sola wood flowers. The natural hue is best described as ivory. You may also select Skin Sola flowers, which look similar to raw flowers but have a different appearance due to the retention of a piece of the wood’s “skin.” The flowers combine to create a gorgeous arrangement that lends a touch of refinement and elegance to any environment while lasting a long time.

You may also customize your available wooden flowers by painting them. This is doable with a little effort and a few unusual materials. Luv Sola’s website includes a video that walks viewers through the process step by step.

It should be noted that the flowers do not have linked stalks. If you wish to utilize your wooden flowers in a fashion that requires stems, you may purchase them separately. For example, stems are not required if you are decorating a frame in your house. If you’re crafting a bridal bouquet, you might wish to include some stems.

What Are Filler Flowers Used For?

Fill the holes in your Luv Sola wooden arrangements with green filler flowers to save money. Green filler flowers, like wooden flowers, come in a variety of forms and sizes. Luv Sola uses high-quality, long-lasting filler flowers in both preserved and dried forms. By exploring the Luv Sola website, you can see how the green filler flowers offer a pop of color to the bouquets you may design.

The stems of the green filler flowers are already connected for convenience of decoration. The prices and selection available are of the greatest level. Consider the product description while selecting green filler flowers for your arrangement. Is there more than one item in the package? What are the object’s overall dimensions? Understanding the project’s needs will be easier if you have access to this information.

How to Purchase Wooden Flowers

Due to the enormous number of alternatives available on the website, it may not be easy to pick at first. If you are unclear about what you want, consider purchasing a variety pack. This is a good way to “dip your toes in the water when working with wooden flowers for the first time.” It is critical to decide whether or not to add stems; if you are doubtful, include them. As a consequence, you may access them at any time.

When choosing green filler flowers, keep the size of the completed arrangement in mind. Filler flowers are used to add width and weight to a wooden arrangement. You should proceed with caution while adding them to your shopping cart because they contribute significantly to the ultimate product. Once again, you reap several benefits. Choose a few that you believe will appeal to you. You’ll utilize every extra Luv Sola wood flower you buy after you’ve mastered the technique of decorating with them.

Assume you’re working on a project that requires a specific height. Pampas grass, available in ivory or beige and meant to complement any home décor, would be a good choice in this scenario. Its 31-inch height allows it to be placed in the center of a vertical layout.

Shorter features, such as the stems in the Seed Bundle, on the other hand, can help fill in any gaps in your design and make it appear larger than it is.

The worth of the green filler flowers in your arrangement should also be considered. A single lavender sprig, for example, may assist in instilling a sense of calm and tranquillity in a space, while the golden tone of the willow shrub, which represents autumn, can warm your heart. Your green filler flowers have a purpose other than decoration; they are an important component of your arrangement. They contribute to the overall sense of cohesion and completeness.

How to Get Use Your Purchase

As soon as you receive your Luv Sola shipment, you must thoroughly check it. Check that your order includes all you require and meets your expectations. Second, arrange your order so that you can keep track of what you have and find it fast when you’re ready to use it. Before placing your purchase, you most likely had an idea of what you intended to do with the flowers. Alternatively, browse the Luv Sola website for inspiration.


When arranging the wooden flowers, you bring them home. You may let your creativity run wild. This is an excellent way to use natural and bright materials. If you have any questions regarding our wooden flowers, please click here to contact our team. We can help you create the arrangement of your dreams immediately.

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