How to Have Fun and Enjoy Swimming During Your Period


Periods come with many challenges beyond cramps. You feel tired and sore and may face restrictions from all the fun activities. While it’s easy to plan fun activities outside of your periods, it may not always be possible. So, what do you do when you have your period and you have to go swimming? You need to be prepared with the right knowledge.

Swimming on Your Period

Below are some of the best tips to help you swim or visit a water park during your period.

Get the Right Swimsuit

There are swimsuits designed specifically to provide additional protection and prevent leakage during periods. Look for chemical-free period swimwear made of natural elements and OekoTex-certified fabric. It should also come with anti-bacterial properties that prevent you from getting an infection when you are in a pool. The best period Undiestar brands make this swimwear in different shapes and sizes to attend to the needs of all body types. The Undiestar period swimwear are designed to fit both women and teenagers.

Don’t Use Pads

Using a pad in water is a recipe for disaster. The minute you step into the pool with your pad, the water will get into your swimwear, soak the pad, and release period blood everywhere. This isn’t just going to be embarrassing for you, but it may leave you open to bacterial infection. If you have a pad on and there is no way to get an alternative, it would be to avoid the water.

Consider Using a Menstrual Cup or Tampon 

While pads are not a good option for swimming during your period, you can swim with menstrual cups or tampons. These sanitary products will absorb the period blood efficiently as long as you are not overflowing. It would be a good idea to change the sanitary product right before you get into the water to ensure that it is not overflowing. Also, don’t spend too much time in the water before checking your sanitary products, especially if your period is traditionally heavy.

Consider Going in Without a Sanitary Product 

If your period is light or about to end, you can go into the water without any tampons or sanitary products. The pressure from the water will prevent the period blood from coming out throughout the swim. This is because of the significant resistance the water creates against the opening of the vagina. However, keep in mind that the pressure will stop as soon as you step out of the water. Make sure you wear a black swimsuit and have a sanitary product ready immediately after you leave the water. 

Swimming and other light exercises have been known to reduce period cramps and improve mood. You should not deprive yourself of these benefits by avoiding the water. The best option that brings the most comfort is swimming with a period-proof swimsuit that absorbs all the blood and prevents stains. Buy this product ahead of time. They are usually reusable, so you can keep them handy in case of emergencies.

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