How Does Biotin and Keratin Make Your Hair Grow?


If you are going through a period of abnormal hair fall and thinning, it’s time to get help. Clearly, your regular hair care regime and the products you use for it are not working as great as they did before. It’s time to switch to new and effective products before more harm is done. 

Ask your hairstylist or your trichologist and they may recommend a good biotin and keratin-based hair regimen. These are the two known remedies for hair loss and dull hair that are making ripples in the market right now. A set of biotin and keratin shampoo and conditioner can literally save your hair from damage and hair loss in just months. 

But don’t take my word for it. As a buyer, you need to get to the bottom of it in order to know for yourself if these are really the products you want to spend money on to get out of the rut. So, today we will be talking about biotin and keratin and their respective effects on hair. We will also address the claim that these elements work to make hair thicker. Is it really true or is it just another hair myth? Let’s find out. 

Keratin and Hair Growth

Women who have benefited from keratin hair treatments swear by it. They say that it makes their hair grow longer faster. How does that happen? Keratin proteins are natural nutrients in your hair. We all have in our hair strands in varying amounts. It’s what gives our hair health, shine and volume. 

When you are using keratin-based hair care products, you are topping up that natural reserve with a boost. This does have two things; it thickens up individual strands of hair giving the body they were formerly losing. Second, it improves the hair follicles enabling them to bear stronger and healthier hair naturally. Within months, you will notice that your hair has turned thicker, richer and shinier. The results are more visible in women with frizzy and curly hair with especially serious problems of thinning and breakage.

Biotin at Preventing Hair Fall

Biotin shampoos are said to be among the best color safe shampoo out there. Natural and nutrient-packed, these shampoos not only clean hair safely, but they also replenish the hair’s natural oils and nutrients lost to the sun’s UV rays, pollution, harsh hair styling chemicals and heat. 

How biotin works to prevent hair fall is interesting and linked to keratin. Also known as vitamin B-7, this nutrient works by shoring up the hair’s natural keratin production. This leads to an increased hair growth rate at the follicles. Hair grows longer faster.

Biotin supplements have long been used to counter the declining health of hair skin and nail. In haircare products, this vitamin has been highly effective in giving hair the support of health and quality which often go missing with age. 

Together Keratin and biotin can do wonders for hair if used in the form of the right treatment. 

Biotin Xtreme Hair Care has some very interesting and effective hair care products that are based on biotin and keratin formulated to reverse hair loss and hair thinning visibly. 

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