Health Conditions That Can Be Prevented Through the Use of Vitamins


Let your food be your medicine and your medicine be your food, a very familiar and underrated statement. On daily basis, your body regenerates new skin tissue and bone, produces new blood that carries nutrients and oxygen and the body still sends nerve impulses for either motor function or inter-organ communication. To perform all these functions, the body needs to utilize at least 30 vitamins and minerals. Even in the fight against diseases, the body needs vitamins. Here are four conditions that you may prevent if you keep using vitamins on a routine basis. 

Prevention of Scurvy 

Scurvy is a condition characterized by sore arms and legs, feeling tired and also getting frequent fatigues. It caused by lack of vitamin C or ascorbic acid. When you don’t take fresh fruits and vegetables, your vitamin C levels reduce in the body making you to be at risk of developing scurvy. On a daily basis, you are supposed to take 65 to 90 milligrams of vitamin C as an adult if you want to live a healthy lifestyle. 


Blindness is a serious condition that happens when the retina cannot capture images. It is normally caused by vitamin A deficiency. It may start as night blindness but as time continues, you end up not seeing even during the day. For adults, the recommended daily intake is 900 mcg and 700 mcg which means you need to find a way to ensure you take vitamin A. Carrots remain the main source of vitamin A.

Prevention of Rickets and Osteoporosis 

Rickets is a condition that is characterized by outward bending of the knees due insufficient amounts of vitamin D. The sun is the main source of vitamin D so besides diet, you should get the early morning sun to prevent yourself from such conditions. Calcium, phosphorus and vitamin D are also needed to ensure you grow strong bones and teeth. Osteoporosis is a condition in which bones degenerate quicker than the way it is formed so when left unattended, it could lead to bone fractures and pathological fractures. 

Prevention of Birth Defects 

Birth defects are many especially when the baby doesn’t get enough vitamins and minerals to grow healthy. Most pregnant women are given folic tablets to help prevent neural tube defects and cleft pallet for the fetus. From vitamins, bleeding problems of the newborn is also prevented making the baby to be healthy. Mothers who don’t take vitamins during pregnancy have a tendency of giving birth to babies who have jaundice and other related conditions. 


Make vitamins part of your diet. The truth is that you cannot have all these vitamins in a single meal so the best way is to make sure you take vitamin Complex supplements which contain all the vitamins in one capsule or formulation. You will end up getting the best health without having to eat a lot of foods. Without vitamins, even your immune system becomes weak and you become prone to infections. 

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