Guide to Growing Out and Taking Care of Long Hair



A man with a long, manly mane is unbeatable. We know long hair is a special charm, from Jason Momoa to all the glam rock stars we have seen,

Growing your hair as a man means that you will need to dedicate the time and effort to grow it and keep it healthy. State Street Barbers has six tips to help you grow your hair and care for it.

Hair Maintenance And Growth Tips For Men

There is no quick way to grow your hair faster. It takes time to grow your hair. There are many ways to keep your hair strong and healthy.

Use decent hair products to wash your hair.

High-quality ingredients are important for healthy hair. Your hair type will determine the type of product you choose, but it is important to avoid harsh chemicals like silicones and sulfates, which can dry your hair.

Condition Your Hair Regularly

Regular conditioning your hair will lock in moisture. This will help keep your hair healthy and prevent split ends. Split ends can be prevented and your hair will grow longer.

If Possible, Avoid Using Hair Dryers

Heat can cause hair damage, regardless of whether you use a straightener or a dryer. Split ends and breakage can cause hair to look dry and less healthy. Split ends and hair loss due to excessive heat can cause hair to fall short.

Use a Wide-toothed Brush To Comb Your Hair

This step is particularly important if your hair is curly, thick, or wavy. To detangle hair, use a wide-toothed comb to brush it wet. A wide-toothed comb can also prevent hair from getting frizzy or broken.

A paddle brush or fine-toothed toothbrush can cause more breakage because it is more difficult to detangle.

Regularly Visit a Barber For Your Cut Ends

Although it might seem counterintuitive to get a haircut more often, it can actually improve your hair’s growth. Avoiding haircuts can lead to more split ends. This can lead to hair-splitting and an unhealthy appearance. Hair loss can also be caused by frequent haircuts.

Use Lukewarm Water To Wash Your Hair

Although it is tempting to take a hot shower, you should at least take a break and lower the temperature of the water when washing your hair. Hot water can dry your hair and cause breakage. Lukewarm water retains moisture, which results in silky and healthy hair.

Last Thoughts

It is attractive to have long hair. It will take time, effort, and preparation to achieve luscious hair. But it is worth it.

This article was written by a master barber at Goodfellas Barbershop in St.Petersburg FL. Goodfellas is a friendly, full-service barber shop in St. Pete specializing in modern barbering with traditional techniques. We offer all types of cuts and styles as well as straight razor shaves and beard trimming with precision detailing. Family-owned and operated since 2012. 

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