Grow Your Hair Faster with These Easy Tips 



There are two ways in which you can have enviably long thick hair, through genes, or through smart haircare. For most of us, the second is the only hope of ever achieving the seemingly God-given length. But, growing your hair long is really not that complicated. Anybody can do it, with a little time on hand and some tricks up the sleeves. So, if you are trying to grow your hair longer, here are some tips that can hasten the process and with great results. 

Get on the Hair-Growth Diet

If longer thicker hair is what you are after, you need to first get your diet in order. Does that mean you have to skip all the good stuff and live on the tasteless ones? Not necessarily, as long as you keep your diet loaded with the essential nutrients. Iron is the secret to stronger and lustrous hair. So, eat your greens, especially the leafy ones that make your nose crinkle. Introduce fish, nuts, beans and seeds in your diet along with proteins containing amino acids. Add vitamin supplements to your diet and your hair will take a speedier growth track in no time. 

Trim It Every 12 Weeks

Trimming does not help growing hair faster, but regardless, you must trim your hair from time to time. 12 weeks is believed to be a decent window to wait between haircuts. But when growing it, it’s best to not trim more than half an inch each time. What trimming will do is first, keep the hair in good shape and not let it go out frayed. Second, it will keep the ends from splitting up which long hair is often prone to. 

No Colors Please

If you are thinking of growing your hair long, you need to get serious. Blonde, dark, brunette, whatever your natural hair color is, embrace it. Your natural hair color is what you look best in. Believe it. Meanwhile, do not expose your hair to chemical dyes and heat stylings. This may change its color and texture to the one you like, but it will end up deterring the growth rate. Wait till your hair reaches the length you require and then feel free to go for a makeover if you please. Until then, the fewer chemical treatments you subject it to, the better and faster it will grow. 

A Quick Hair Massage Right before Bed

A massage before bedtime does three things. It stimulates the hair follicles aiding regrowth and promotes blood circulation in the scalp that boosts growth. Thirdly, it supports even distribution of natural hair oils from roots to the strands. 

Change Your Daily Shampoo to a Biotin-Based One 

One of the key changes to make is switching to a biotin shampoo for hair growth. The best biotin shampoo and conditioner facilitates hair growth and regrowth both leading to longer, thicker and silkier hair in a short time. 

Sleep on Silk Pillows 

Aside from using the best biotin conditioner to preserve your hair’s natural shine, sleep on a silk pillow to prevent friction that leads to split ends and roughness. 


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