Demand of sustainable clothes in the recent times


In recent years people have become aware of the environmental impact of their shopping habits. Sustainable clothing has now emerged as an alternative to fast fashion since fast fashion has a huge contribution to pollution, change in climate as well as unethical labor practice. But sustainable and eco-friendly clothing is manufactured in such a way that reduces the environmental impact as well as they also engage in socially responsible business practice. 

But the problem is that people got accustomed to fast fashion and the lack of awareness about the negative impact of fast fashion. Moreover, many people think that sustainable fashion is very costly and they cannot afford it. But in practice, it is not so. Nowadays there are many reputed brands which have come up with a huge variety of sustainable fashion at an affordable price. You can get many fashionable sustainable women t-shirts in the market. A few years ago the price of sustainable clothing was high but with the raising awareness about the ill effect of fast fashion nowadays more and more fashion company are coming up with ethical fashion. As such the production cost has become relatively low as compared to earlier days. 

It is true that if you are spending $150 in cotton women t-shirts per year then you may require $200 in acquiring the same quantity of t-shirt. But it is not only the cost that the manufacturing company or the consumer should think. They must know the environmental impact of fast fashion in terms of water, carbon, and waste at the time of manufacturing the cloth. As compared to regular fashion, sustainable clothing can save 75 percent of water while producing. Apart from that, it uses 60 percent less carbon and saves 50 percent of waste. As such it should not be a big deal even if the sustainable fashion would be a little costly for the sake of our environment.     

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