Botox jaw for relaxation of the jaw muscles


Botox is used as a very good treatment for tension in the jaw muscles and if you want to change the face shape, Botox in the jaw is the right way. Botox treatment in Gothenburg requires the right expertise.

If you feel you have jaw problems, you may have “upper jaw” or notice that your face is more natural, it may be because you have a lot of muscle in that area.

Botox works by blocking the transmission of nerves to the muscles themselves. This leads to temporary paralysis in the overactive muscles.

It seems daunting, but I can say that Botox in the jaw is the best treatment I’ve done. When I’m very stressed, I tend to get tired in the jaws, sometimes I don’t even think about it. When I received my first injection of Botox, the tension was immediately released.

Sometimes I could have a lot of pain before trying Botox, so I had to take pain medication before I went to bed, but now thanks to Botox, this problem has been solved.

Apart from this effect you will also find a softer face – how it works is in the explanation you make so that the muscles cannot “function” in that area. You can compare it a little with the fact that if you put in 1000 more strokes a day, you gain more muscle and you suddenly stop – yes, then they disappear. This is exactly what happens when Botox is injected into the jaw muscles – the “functioning” muscles.

So Botox in the jaws is aesthetically a good alternative, but also based on pain in the jaws. For me, I made most of the reason for the pain, the shape of the wreck itself was rewarding.

How is treatment then treated? Hyperactivity in the jaw muscles is not uncommon due to anxiety, internal stress, bite errors or deformities and is a major cause and effect of headaches.

Botox Göteborg | After a test with a beauty clinic in Gothenburg, estetikkliniken, the effect then gradually begins with 1-3 days after injections that are maximal after about 14 days. The most common is the weakness of the jaw that the patient notices but rarely causes negative functional effects. This is why you have a maximum pressure of about 180 kg in the jaw muscles and muscle strength is rarely or never needed when eating a regular diet said the CEO of estetikkliniken regarding their treatment called Botox Göteborg whichh stands for botox treatment In Gothenburg. 

Since our largest salivary glands are located adjacent to the jaw, you may sometimes notice partial dryness in the mouth, as Botox also blocks the glands. It usually disappears in a few days to weeks and is usually mild enough that you do not need to come back. Techniques, such as twist muscles of different types, can be more annoying than you think. Botox is usually a very effective way to treat these muscles. If larger muscles or muscle groups are involved, they should be considered even weakened by the surgery itself, which requires dose adjustment. However, in many cases, controlled muscle weakness is sufficient to reduce tics and if there are small muscles, for example in the eye, treatment is usually very effective.

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