Are Moissanite Engagement Rings the New Fashion Trend?


Since the mid-1900s diamond engagement rings have ruled and been by far the most popular choice of stone when proposing. But now a new trend is happening. Diamonds are still the number one choice for engagement rings and high-end fashion jewelry, but moissanite engagement rings and moissanite rings are becoming a new fashion trend. But why?

It likely starts with the underlaying darkness that surrounds diamonds. Diamonds have got a negative stigma in recent years due to the treatment of those that harvest them. Many diamonds are not ethically harvested, and this has become more and more of an issue over the years. This has led to more areas in Canada and other parts of the world trying to harvest diamonds in a more ethical manner. This has also led to more lab-created diamonds and alternatives to diamonds to increase in popularity. 

This leads us to the moissanite stones. Moissanite stones are cheaper and look better than a comparable diamond stone – not by opinion, but by the facts. The average moissanite stone is more brilliant, has higher fire dispersion, and can cost up to 90% cheaper than a competitive diamond. This is mostly due to the fact that moissanite stones are now made in labs, making them easier to control from a quality stand point and cheaper to produce. 

Beyond engagement rings, moissanite is becoming popular in everyday fashion. The price point is very attractive and a moissanite stone will not cloud, fog, or discolor like a typical carbon zirconium stone. CZ stones are a lab created diamond alternative that is usually used in heavy machinery and low end jewelry. The biggest different between moissanite and carbon zirconium is that moissanite can last up to 25 years looking the exact same as the day you bought it, while cz will usually fade, discolor, and scratch after just a couple years. 

How does moissanite compare to simulated diamonds or various other lab-created diamond alternatives? The question is often asked as moissanite is not a direct competitor to diamonds. In fact, moissanite is made of silicon while a true diamond is simply made from carbon and nothing else. Lab created diamonds can be produced cheaply, although they usually still cost more than a comparative moissanite. Fake diamonds, or lab-created diamonds can actually hold similar properties to true, real diamonds, but they still don’t become as brilliant as a high quality moissanite stone. This is why moissanite is becoming one of the fastest growing stones in the engagement ring and high fashion jewelry line.

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