Achieving Brighter Skin with the Help of Affordable Aesthetic Clinics in Singapore


As we get old, our tissue and skin lose volume. Aside from our elastin and collagen diminishing, our faces also lose essential fat pads. These vital structures act as a scaffold. When these structures diminish over time, it makes our face sag and droop, making deep folds. The loss of volume in our face could make us look older than we actually are, and no one wants that.

The aging of our face often begins in our 20s-30s with the loss of important volume. Women often age more noticeably and more quickly than men. During our 30s, we often lose roughly 10 ml of facial volume every year beginning after 30. Genetics and other factors could have a role in the loss of significant facial volume.

If you’re searching for a non-surgical alternative to deal with the signs of aging that might have left you with a tired look or taken away the skin’s natural luster, non-surgical procedures from affordable aesthetic clinics in Singapore could rejuvenate your look with minimal downtime.

What Can Non-Surgical Facial Rejuvenation Do?

Non-surgical facial rejuvenation could be utilized to restore the volume loss and keep the scaffold of youth so that aging of our facial skin could be slowed down.

Dermal Fillers

Injectable dermal fillers mainly replace lost hyaluronic acid and collagen in our skin. That could help in restoring our skin’s plumpness and elasticity and help eliminate or reduce wrinkles and lines, and compensate for volume loss due to subcutaneous fat loss. They’re more effective at rejuvenating the appearance of parts of the face that have become hollow, for instance, underneath your lower cheeks and your eyes. They’re also very effective at smoothing fine lines surrounding your lips or eyes and lessening skin folds between the sides of the mouth and the nose.

When used to have sagging skin tightened, dermal fillers that compensate for volume loss could offer a more natural-looking outcome compared to ordinary laser skin tightening – that’s because just tightening loose skin without restoring the lost volume underneath could not do much but give a stretched look to your skin’s surface.

BTX Treatments

Botulinum toxin treatments work by relaxing muscles beneath our skin. Why is it crucial? Because the contraction of the muscle is what mainly causes wrinkles. If you have a deep set of wrinkles already, BTX treatments could stop them from becoming worse, but they wouldn’t fill in your wrinkles.

The botulinum toxin used in BTX treatments blocks the chemical signals delivered by your facial nerves getting to the muscles in your face. This helps in smoothening the skin and giving you a more youthful appearance.

Chemical Peels

A chemical peel could enhance skin texture, improve skin tone, and even out coloration. To do a “cosmetic peel,” a chemical solution containing mild acids with different strength degrees, is administered to your face and allowed to rest so that there’s time to act upon the outer epidermis or outer skin layer. When the procedure is finished, the peel is taken off; the outer epidermis layer, which contains dry and dead skin tissue, is reduced or exfoliated, giving a more youthful and healthy skin.

A solution for slight wrinkles, discoloration, and facial blemishes, a light chemical peel is applied safely and quickly and needs a minimal recovery period. In case an advanced peel is required, irritation and redness might persist after your treatment for 7 to 10 days. BTX treatments and dermal fillers offered in affordable aesthetic clinics in Singapore are often used to handle certain areas of our face but could be mixed with a chemical peel for complete rejuvenation. It’s perfect for people who seek a more youthful, new look.

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