A Guide to Graduation Announcements and Invitations


An individual’s graduation is a major milestone in their lives. Graduation is a rite of passage celebrating a student’s academic achievement and the hard work he or she put in. A college  graduation announcements 2022 should be sent to the graduate’s friends and family to acknowledge his or her accomplishments, regardless of whether the graduate just graduated high school, college or medical school. You can take advantage of forwarding these announcements to let them know about the graduation service, especially to those who may live too far to attend. However, sending graduation invitations is still considered courteous.

Is it a graduation invitation or a gratitude message?

It is time to choose the wording of your graduation invitations after selecting your invitations. If your card is simply an announcement of the graduate’s achievement, decide whether it is an invitation to the graduation ceremony or an invitation to the ceremony itself. Choosing simple words or more creative words does not always necessitate being innovative. Your choice. If you wish to thank the graduate for his or her work, you may add a statement of the graduate’s accomplishments.

Be sure to include the graduate’s name, the school and the graduate’s specialty or major in the graduation announcement or invitation. Make sure you include the date, time, and location of the graduation party invitation template ceremony in your invitations. The wording of your invitations should be concise and clear.

Putting Together the Graduation Cards

Make sure you dedicate enough time to assembling the cards with envelopes and writing the addresses on the envelopes after you receive your order of graduation announcements or invitations. As with any postal mail, ensure to include the recipient’s name and address clearly and legibly for the mailman and the post office to read. Often, graduation invitations are accompanied by an inner and outer envelope. While the larger envelope has the invitation card inside, the smaller one has the mailing envelope and slides into the larger one. Remember to address your contacts formally since graduations are formal events.

Posting Time

Your cards should be mailed according to whether they are graduation announcements or invitations. If they are announcements, they can be sent shortly after the graduation service or a few days later. Your friends and family will be able to plan their attendance much in advance if you post your invitations well ahead of time. If invitations are sent out at short notice, attendees will not have time to plan ahead. While your invitations may be delayed, it is still a special experience for those who receive them to know that they are worthy enough to attend such a special event.

The announcements and invitations should not be sent out, even if they have already been printed, if the student fails to graduate.

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