7 Skincare routine advice & tricks


Even though your skin is the most significant organ in your body, many individuals overlook caring for it. Healthy skin is not only crucial for looking your best, but it also makes you look and feel better. The skin is constantly exposed to the sun and contaminants from the environment. It’s impossible to undo harm once it’s been done. That is why maintaining a proper skincare routine is crucial. The earlier you begin, the better, but it is never too late to build good behaviors.

 A good skincare routine may help you obtain healthy, glowing skin, whilst a bad one can led to disaster. Everything from a good night’s sleep to nutritious foods contributes to beautiful skin. Read this article to learn the seven best skincare techniques and tricks.

  • Use a gentle cleanser:Using the wrong items can aggravate the problem. Wash with a gentle face cleanser instead of ordinary soaps, which may contain chemicals. Before purchasing any product, make sure it is pure and natural, and read the label.
  • Take shorter showers: It’s tempting to take a long, hot, steamy shower, but it’s not good for your skin. It’s enough to take a 5- to 10-minute shower with lukewarm water. When taking a shower or washing your hands, avoid using overly hot or cold water. During the storm, you can also use shower cream, rose water and our various products during and after a shower.
  • Apply a natural skin toner: Many astringents, such as alcohol or chemicals, can cause your skin to become even drier, so avoid using products with alcohol or additional aroma. Before hydrating your skin, use a natural skin toner. Rosewater is the most excellent toner that is readily available in the market or at home.
  • Moisturize frequently—especially in the winter—moisturizing is the most critical phase in a skincare program that you can’t afford to skip. After the shower, apply a nourishing, moisturizing cream to your skin. Next, choose an anti-ageing face cream to moisturize your face and body lotion or body cream to hydrate your body.
    When your skin feels dry, use moisturizers regularly. After cleansing, reapply moisturizer to your skin at night.
  • Exfoliate once: As the skin gets dry during winter, exfoliate once a week to get clearer and rejuvenated skin. It helps in the removal of dead skin cells and the regeneration of new skin cells. 
  • Drink Water:In winters, we stop drinking an adequate amount of water. This is also a reason skin gets dehydrated faster in winters. Therefore, drink lots of water and use a good skin moisturizer.
  • Eat Healthy food: Healthy food is also essential to heal dry skin. Eat food and fruits rich in Vitamin C, Vitamin E, and protein. Fruits like pomegranate and Orange are an excellent source of moisturization, so include them in your health routine.



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