7 Best lipstick shades that every beautiful Indian skin tone can rock


When it comes to lipsticks and lip makeup, women go absolutely gaga over it. Lip makeup is an entirely different makeup branch with its own product list and a perfect space in the industry. While doing lip makeup, choosing the perfect lipstick is an absolute necessity. Lip makeup starts with lip liners, glosses, and lipsticks and then shifts to the variety in it.

Lip makeup is a very grown branch of makeup and has been developed scientifically. The ingredients used in the lipstick also matter a lot while applying it. Lead is a very harmful ingredient, but at the same time, it also affects the color of the lipstick. Honestly, lip makeup takes quite a long time to make your lips look plum and juicy. Indian skin tones are a little on the wheatish white as well as a little brown shade. Hence, choosing lip makeup or lip shade for Indian skin tones take time. One color will look different on one skin shade than the other. So, to help you choose the perfect lip shade for your lip makeup, we have 7 shades lined up for you!

Let’s begin the list!

  1. Nude lipstick

The nude shade is something that functions admirably with most Indian complexions. It’s the best lipstick concealer for individuals who love to wear a negligible, no-cosmetics look. It’s a perfect shade for every outfit.

  1. Deep Red

Numerous dim ladies fear attempting red lipstick in anxiety toward it not fitting their complexion. But, be that as it may, not any longer! Dark red shades are great, assuming you genuinely believe that your lips should communicate everything and it’s a night out on the town supported.

  1. Coffee

This delicate dusty coffee lipstick, concealed by many brands, is a notable shade enhanced with wild mango spread to give that glossy silk finish. The instrument’s thin projectile tip guarantees precise and appropriate application. Coffee is the perfect shade when it comes to showing your bold side.

  1. Orange Red

Another red lipstick conceals that is thoroughly going to make heads turn, a red shade with orange hints. While orange-red can seem like a very dark bright shade for an Indian skin tone, it looks great when paired with monochrome outfits.

  1. Burgundy

Burgundy lip concealer is a tense pick that gives a complex look. It puts the focus on all the rage and gives you manager-woman flows.

  1. Strong Red

Whoever let you know a strong red lipstick concealer isn’t for dark complexion, ladies didn’t have a clue. So to have a throw-down good time and truly stand out enough to be noticed, we express go for that red shade you’ve been looking at for a long time.


  1. Berry

You most likely currently own this shade since it’s each shadowy complexion young lady’s go-to item. However, this lipstick concealer is ideally suited for meeting and dance rooms.

Try these if you have an Indian Skin Tone!

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