5 Good Reasons To Choose Waxing Over Shaving


Life is too short to not look and feel your best every day. While there’s nothing wrong spending your days in sweatpants and hoodies, many women love to have fun with fashion and do not reserve looking great for only special occasions. You can’t wear that trendy dress or that sleeveless tang top without ensuring your skin looks silky and smooth. You may be wondering whether to get hair removal cream online or using a razor to shave off unwanted hair. Here are five reasons to vote for Leg Hair Waxing kalispell mt over shaving.

Why Prefer Waxing Over Shaving

  1. Smoother Skin: During leg hair removal at home with waxing, your wax strips pull out hair from its roots. Shaving allows you to remove only the superficial hair from your skin surface. So, your shaved legs will feel spiky when touched. On the other hand, waxing maintains your hair-free smooth skin for as much as four weeks. 
  2. New hair grows thinner: Know the most exciting benefit of waxing? When your hair regrows, it will be lighter and thinner than the regrowth after a razor shave. If you develop a long-term practice of waxing, you’ll finally get hardly noticeable hair in your waxed areas. With shaving, your hair appears thicker because of its blunt ends. 
  3. Fewer chances of ingrown hair: Your razor cuts off body hair at the surface of your skin. This traps your hair underneath your skin. Such ingrown hair may start growing in circles or sideways, causing painful infections. These issues are more aggravated in certain areas like your bikini area. Waxing uproots your whole hair shaft. New hair grows thinner with a tapered end. With waxing, there is a lower possibility of hair being trapped beneath your skin. 
  4. Removes dead skin: Waxing exfoliates your skin, besides plucking out your body hair! Waxing peels off your dead skin cells, gifting you with smoother and softer skin. On the other hand, shaving can take off your normal skin too. Ouch! Moreover, you can buy hair removal cream online that also moisturises your skin. Choose one that contains lotus milk to soften the skin. Vitamin E and Aloe Vera sooths sensitive skin, while moisturising with shea butter helps sooth dry skin.
  5. Lasts longer than shaving: Last but not the least, wax strips eliminate body hair from its root that takes long to regrow. You may need to shave almost daily to keep your skin clear of hair. Waxing gives you up to 4 weeks of smooth skin to save a lot of everyday irritation on sensitive surface. 

Don’t be stuck with prickly body hair after shaving. And never have to suffer with the nibs and cuts caused by using a razor. Waxing is the key to silky, smooth skin. Besides, using cold wax strips available easily online removes the risk of hot wax and gives even better outcomes. You can use each strip up to three times effectively and cut it in varying lengths to apply on various areas. A waxing kit a month keeps the daily razor away!

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