4 Good Reasons Why You Need to Know Your Skin Type


Have you ever seen a facial promotion advertised by a beauty company and was tempted to take it? Appearances may not be everything, but people still want to look their best. It’s a good thing that you can try a lot of beauty products and treatments nowadays.

Unfortunately, not all of these beauty products will necessarily be good for you. They might even backfire and cause harm to your skin. The skin might protect the rest of your body, but taking care of your skin isn’t as simple as one might think.

The best facial treatment in Singapore for you is one that fits your skin type. What are some of the reasons why knowing skin type is important?

1. The skincare products not made for your type are less effective. You might notice that the products you use might be less effective. They’re not as effective since the product doesn’t target the skin problems and issues you may experience.

2. Your treatments and products might aggravate your problems even more. For example, oily skin produces too much skin oil and dry skin produces too little. If you have oily skin but use products for dry skin, you might add more oil to your face and cause breakouts.

3. You might end up damaging your skin. If you want to get a facial treatment in Singapore, you have to be careful if the ingredients in it will irritate your skin. Those with sensitive skin should stay away from certain ingredients.

4. The product may not have the effect you desire. Even if products for the wrong skincare type don’t end up hurting your skin, you may not get any good results at all. You would’ve wasted your money.

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