4 Fashion Hacks For A Pool Party


Everyone loves a pool party; it is the favorite kind of party in all seasons. This is the time we get to show off our sexy swimsuits that’s been biding time in the closet. It’s not even about the swimming; we’re just as excited to sip some good one and take some hot pictures by the pool. However, sometimes deciding what to wear and how to look fashionable in it. Below are top fashion hacks to help you slay at the next pool party.

Wear Flats

A pool party is always a good excuse to skip the heels and put on some flats; it’s fashionable at all times and will go well with any sexy swimsuits. Flats go perfectly with a pool party regardless of whether you have plans to get into the pool or not, and the best part is; it is a perfect excuse to stay away from heels for the day and try on those sandals you’ve got at home. There is always a lot of standing at pool parties, and you don’t want your toes to start hurting before the party has really started.

Play with Accessories

When going for a pool party, don’t shy away from accessories. Having prepared a sexy swimsuit for the event, get even sexier with the right accessories. While you’re trying to cover up the parts of your body you don’t like, you should make the most of the parts you’re willing to show off. If you plan to show off your tummy, you can accessorize with a belly chain. A kimono will also help, when it begins to feel warm.

Find the Right Inspiration

If you’re trying to discover some inspiration, you shouldn’t go looking through the pictures of someone who has nothing in common with you. Short and curvy people won’t get the right inspiration looking through the pictures of tall and thin supermodels; you might end up comparing yourself to them and feeling bad at the end. Stick to those with a similar body with you, and you might love some swimsuits they rock in their pictures.

Try to De-Bloat Before a Party

Eating delicious food at a pool party is great, but no one has ever been known to feel sexier with a bloated stomach. You might need to put in some workout before the pool party and avoid food that causes bloating. You can also try taking some drinks that help to flush out too much salt from your system; water and lemon is a good idea.

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