Women’s watches: what are the options you have online?


Besides a strong symbol of professionalism and a useful item in day-to-day life, the wrist watches for women can be a powerful accessory when it comes to fashion. The woman wrist watches can set the tone of fashion in terms of color, model and style. Whether the models are classic, leather and metal, or the most modern, like the smart watch and the color, the watches from Prtya always give an extra charm to the look. Surely the ladies watch is an accessory that gives elegance and sophistication to the look.

With so many watch models on the market, how do you choose the one that suits you best? Discover the main models on the market and learn to combine them with your looks.

Leather clock

They are usually thinner and more formal. This model has a more masculine footprint and is a great option to add a fashion touch to the look of the day.

Golden clock

According to fashion experts, in general, this model matches any composition, leaving even the most basic look with a sophisticated air, but that size can influence the decision.

Metal clock

Another model with a more masculine footprint, but which is great for composing everyday looks and giving a balance in more elegant, sporting or romantic productions.

Sport watch

This model is also casual, but deserves a little attention in relation to the size of the display and the colors of the bracelet. If the display is small and the bracelet in neutral color it can very well circulate on several occasions, make it versatile and balance the look.

Small clock

The small watch is a more discreet and versatile model, perfect for composing looks with an elegant and formal footprint. They are great for women who seek comfort and professionalism, as well as sophistication.

Watch with straps

Here the watches can be the most varied, leather, metal or gold, it doesn’t matter, what matters is to make the look more modern and cool. Wrist bracelets make up beautiful and varied looks and can be paraded in different scenes – everything depends on the event and the personality of each woman.

Smart watch

This model has increasingly won the hearts of women who are in tune and who like technology. You can find different versions and models of smart watch, from the most basic to the most sophisticated. The ‘rule’ for composing looks with this type of watch varies according to the woman’s style and personality.

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