Why Should You Start Wearing Leather Shoes?


By not wearing leather shoes, you are missing out on many of the benefits they have to offer. People choose to go for leather shoes since they feel leather offers them extra protection and comfort, often missing in shoes made of other materials. The number one reason why people do not pick leather shoes is because of their cost.

Leather shoes might have a higher price tag, but their expensiveness can be attributed to the several benefits they have to offer. Let us see why you should start wearing leather shoes today. 

Extra comfort

Many factors contribute towards the extra comfort leather shoes have to offer. Synthetic shoes are not as comfortable as leather shoes. Leather has a property that makes it naturally elastic making it stretch and mold itself exactly according to your feet’s size. You can walk with ease and with an added gait. 

The material also adds flexibility, so you need not worry about any folds that happen. Your shoe will not break or crack due to these folds. Leather shoes are also weather-friendly. They provide warmth to your feet in winters and cool them during summers. This is because leather has the property of breathability. Breathability lets air pass in and out of the shoe. 

This lets your feet stay cool and saves them from any kind of bad smell. Breathability also ensures that your feet do not sweat much when the temperature is warm. 

More Durable

Durability is considered one of the biggest advantages of leather shoes. Shoes made from real leather have a longer life than other synthetic shoes. High-quality leather can withstand any kind of environment and retains its strength and firmness. This makes these shoes stay intact for a long period. 

Many people consider buying leather shoes a waste of money since their synthetic counterparts are cheap. However, one should consider buying leather shoes as an investment since they have a longer life than most shoes. Two synthetic shoes will last as long as one leather shoe, yet they will cost more when combined. So, it is advisable to go for one pair of genuine leather shoes. 

Preventing odor

We mentioned earlier that the breathability of leather shoes makes them odor-free. Moreover, leather also gives off its own fresh and distinct smell, which masks any kind of odor that might emanate from your socks. The fragrance of leather and its ability to mask bad odors makes it the perfect match for people who do not want their shoes to smell. 

Resistance to moisture and water

If you are buying leather shoes that have been treated or waxed, they will be completely water-resistant. When you are working in an environment where the risk of water spilling on your shoes is high, or you are constantly in contact with water, wearing waterproof shoes is the wise option. 

Leather shoes ensure that your feet are dry. The pair of shoes are not damaged in any way when they come in contact with water. You also need not worry about any puddles or spills since they won’t harm your shoes. 


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