Why Do I Need to Season a Humidor?


Flavoring your stogie humidor is the initial step in securing your cigar investments. Correct humidification of cigars is very important to maintain cigars from becoming too dry or expanding mold. You cannot simply keep your stogie collection in any kind of old box as well as still have the ability to smoke them in greater than a week or two.

All stogie humidors have something like Spanish cedar timber. This wood borders the inside of your humidor since it properly keeps moisture in addition to providing a woody aroma. Flavoring your humidor truly suggests that you are preparing this timber to make sure that it does not absorb all the moisture from your cigars.

Generally, the tobacco inside your cigars are having oil, that oil is the thing that makes them give you flavor. Just seasoning the humidor, you are going to preserve the oil, therefore, it is able to remain to mature and maintain the tastes that the stogie maker intended.

In summary, if you are most likely to acquire greater than 1 to 2 stogies each time, a stogie humidor is a terrific financial investment so that you can construct your collection as well as maintain your cigars naturally. That is when you properly season the cigar humidor!

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What Do I Need to Season a Humidor?

There are a couple of ways to season a stogie humidor. You have probably seen a lot of them throughout different cigar forums but we intend to share the most convenient in regards to implementation as well items needed.

The simplest approach of flavoring a cigar humidor involves:

  • A shot glass
  • Distilled water

That’s it. Pure water is crucial due to the fact that it does not have any sort of chemical compound that may wreck your stogies. For instance, your tap water might have some impurities that are safe to consume; however, you do not always want these impurities revealed to the wood in your humidor for months to years, less the cigars.

A lot of the moment distilled water is utilized for fish tanks so you might luck out locating some in the house if you have a freshwater aquarium. You can find distilled water at a local pharmacy which will be plenty. You truly only require 2 shot glasses.

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