Which Circular Lens Should I Buy?



Standard contact lenses are made to correct eyesight, whereas coloured lenses are used for cosmetic reasons. These days, you can get your hands on lenses of both varieties. It’s not hard to get normal lenses if you just follow your eye doctor’s prescription. When it comes to choosing coloured lenses, you now have more variety. What colour would complement your skin tone? I was wondering what lens you think would be ideal for your needs. Why do you wish to start using circle lenses? These are the kind of things you should think about while deciding which lens to buy.

So, Just What Are These Circle Lenses?

Circle lenses are adored by many people thanks of the illusion that they generate, despite the fact that they appear to be the same as standard colored contacts. By expanding the appearance of the iris, they may trick onlookers into thinking that the eye is bigger than it really is. Trendy doll eyes are all the rage in South Korea, the nation where these contact lenses were initially invented.

Some of the characteristics that set these unusual lenses distinct from their more common relatives are as follows:

  • They have colour not just inside the iris, but also around it. In the iris’s perimeter, the colour is almost black. That’s why it seems like the eyes are bigger than they are.
  • Because of the many various options for customising their appearance, circle contact lenses are a great choice for practically every eye. The eyes might seem larger or brighter depending on the product.
  • Because of their soft lens construction, circular contacts are more comfortable to wear and can be adjusted more easily than rigid gas permeable lenses.
  • These cosmetic lenses may be worn continuously for a full year from the date of purchase.
  • These specialized colored contact lenses provide the highest level of clarity for Asian eyes since they were developed with Asian eyes in mind.

Suggestions for Choosing the Right Circular Lens

There are a few considerations to make while shopping for the ideal pair of colored lenses.

Tone of Skin

If your complexion is fair, you can get away with almost any colour palette. But if you’re going for a really dolled-up look, black-rimmed lenses are the way to go. The prescription colored contacts without black rims will look best on those with darker skin tones.

Several different hues and designs are presented for these contact lenses. Choose the one that best reflects your personality or way of life. Employ lenses with a diameter of 14.0 mm if you want to obtain a more natural look that exposes only the faintest trace of enlargement.


Whenever you wear circle lenses, people will look at your face more intently. This is especially true if the colour you choose is drastically different from the tone of your eyes. Make sure the lens you choose complements your cosmetics (if you wear some). Feel free to forego makeup if that’s more your style, but if you do wear any, choose a colour that will highlight your eyes. Its radiance will illuminate your whole face, making you seem even more attractive than you really are.Finally, go for circle lenses from a reputable manufacturer. You should never go for the cheap ones that compromise your health.

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