Where to get inspiration for your wedding photo booth layout?


Your wedding photo booth will likely be the highlight of your reception. It provides a fun, interactive experience for your guests while capturing candid memories they take home. Leafing through wedding magazines and blogs is a great place to discover photogenic photo booth layouts. Bridal magazines typically feature real weddings with details on the decor. Look through to see if any did fun backdrops behind their photo booth. Blogs also provide a wealth of inspiration for DIY brides. Search for terms like “wedding photo booth ideas” to find posts on layouts and props. Pay attention to how bloggers designed the space around their booths too.

Wedding venues

If you haven’t booked your wedding venue yet, layout options could help guide your decision. Many venues designate space for a photo booth or have backdrops built-in. Contact the ones on your shortlist to inquire if they offer a booth area and to request pictures. Historic venues with architectural elements like staircases, fireplaces, and stained glass make artistic backdrops. Barns, vineyards, and other rustic sites also pair nicely with certain booth layout aesthetics. 

Wedding photographers

Your wedding photographer has likely photographed dozens of receptions each with its unique photo booth. Schedule a meeting with yours to look through their portfolio. Pay attention to reception shots showcasing booth setups for layout inspiration. Or, ask if they have additional reception images not in the online galleries they show you. Experienced photographers have seen it all and can provide feedback on logistics too.

Photo booths near you

Sometimes seeing a layout in person makes all the difference compared to pictures online. Visit malls, fairs, or special events in your area with booths set up. Take note of dimensions, patterns, and props that catch your eye. Using an existing layout as a model for yours can provide a helpful visual perspective when selecting backdrops and props. If you’re planning a themed wedding, also take note of signage and additional decorative details to emulate.  

Friends and family

Friends who’ve had booths at their weddings likely have leftover prints showcasing their layouts. Ask around to either look back through their wedding albums or view photo booth images they’ve shared online. Seeing creative ideas pulled off successfully inspires your own. And as a bonus, they can provide vendor referrals. Beyond friends, think aunts, cousins, or even parents and grandparents. My grandma had an epic 80s-themed booth at her anniversary party. 

If you’re crafty and plan to design your photo booth backdrop, exploring DIY projects expands inspiration possibilities even further. Search wedding blogs and sites for tutorials on building backdrops and props. Ambitious brides make amazing layouts out of wood, streamers, flowers, and more. Watch process videos to gather ideas on materials to use plus pointers on lighting and dimension. From weddings to corporate events, Hire me on snap-booth.com for a photo booth which adds that extra touch of excitement.

Themed weddings 

Having a themed wedding multiplies the possibilities for one-of-a-kind photo booth layouts. Choose props, backdrops, signs, and accessories that tie everything together thematically. A music festival wedding could have a concert stage-themed booth. A Star Wars wedding might use props like light sabers with space-themed customized prints. If you’re not sure where to begin designing a layout for your unique theme, joining online niche communities to connect with like-minded brides can uncover endless creative direction.

The layout you select for your custom photo booth helps capture the style and personality of your wedding. Take inspiration from elements you love across these resources and other venues. Then blend your discoveries with your creative vision to design a showstopping booth your guests will enjoy. With an abundance of ideas at your fingertips, you’re sure to devise something spectacular they’ll rave about for years to come. 

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