What Makes High Quality Sunglasses?


What makes a pair of sunglasses expensive is not quite the same thing as what makes a pair high-quality. Sunglasses are of course serious fashion items but, at the same time, they also have an important job to do, namely protecting our eyes against the damaging UV radiation that becomes a threat on days – hot or cold – when the sun’s glare gets a little stronger. And it isn’t only UV that sunglasses protect us from. A good pair of sunglasses are essential for many other applications too – from driving on sunny days to being an essential part of any winter sports get-up. 

While it is likely that if you purchase an extremely expensive pair of designer sunglasses then you can probably be assured that they also tick the relevant boxes when it comes to functionality, it does not necessarily follow that the quality of a pair of sunglasses rises in direct proportion with their price. 

Wholesale Sunglasses

Because the astronomical prices of high-end sunglasses are normally derived from things like brand reputation and celebrity endorsement, it does not follow that these things are the markers of quality. Many distributers of wholesale sunglasses do so with the aim of providing sunglasses that properly work at affordable prices. And there isn’t any trade off when it comes to fashion appeal as well – wholesale sunglasses can be delivered in a great variety of styles, allowing for aesthetic considerations to be satisfied into the bargain. Perusing the variety of sunglasses on offer at, say, Olympic Eyewear out of Utah, will help you appreciate the variety. 

But if flashy brands and celeb endorsements do not make a truly effective pair of sunglasses, what does? And if you are on the lookout for a good pair of sunglasses that will not break the bank, how can you appraise their quality and avoid those that are cheap – and cheap for a reason? 

How to Check the Quality of Sunglasses

We have already mentioned that, once fashion is put aside, sunglasses are there to block out UV radiation and excess brightness, either to protect your eyes or to make certain tasks in certain conditions a good deal safer. It is no secret what criteria a pair of sunglasses need to satisfy to fulfill this role. Here is what to check: 

Check the UV Protection 

And by checking the UV protection, we don’t mean simply judging the darkness of the lenses. Lens darkness and UV protection are not the same thing. Instead, look for assurances of UV protection, which is information that, by law, must be readily available. 

Check the Frames 

Checking the frames can be pretty tough, especially because designer sunglasses come in all manner of frame shapes and materials. But whatever they are, you should check that they are, firstly, durable and, secondly, comfortable on your face and in contact with your skin. 

Check the Lens Material

And do not just assume that glass, because it is more expensive, is the superior option. Plastic lenses can come with a range of coatings to ensure crisp vision and are usually more durable to boot. 

Check the Sun Protection

We have already mentioned UV protection, but while a pair of sunglasses may sufficiently block this out, do the actual lenses cover the entirety of your eyes and shield it from radiation from all directions? 

Ultimately, sunglasses are items of craft that do an important job while looking great at the same time. But this does not mean that it takes an expert to assess their quality. Learn how to do it yourself, and you can find the perfect shades at the perfect price.

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