What do talent bookers do for their clients?


People who have considered talent booking may wonder what talent bookers do for their clients. That is a good question and we are here to answer it.

A talent booker is a professional who finds work for authors, actors, journalists, film directors, models, musicians, professional athletes, and more. Also, a talent booker defends, supports, and promotes their clients’ interests.

A talent booker is not required, but having one does greatly help an artist in finding work. In many cases, casting directors and other companies go to talent bookers to find artists to hire. The agent gets paid a percentage of the earnings, which is usually 10%.

A talent booker or talent agent is considered the gatekeeper of that person’s career. They can reshape and reconstruct the image of their client. They are skilled dealmakers and help their clients by assembling deals in the entertainment industry, specifically in Hollywood.

A talent booker is important because he or she fields many potential opportunities for their clients to progress their careers and profiles. Having a strong working relationship with festivals and promoters helps agents to deal directly to people with the power, which many artists have trouble doing. Having a strong reputation with successful talent helps to get answers fast instead of the talent needing to go through the hassle of trying to negotiate a deal for themselves.

A good talent booker has the top-level contacts that many artists do not have and will be able to provide insight into the best choices for the artist to consider for their next venue. It is important for a talent booker to improve the act through promoter and venue choice along with which cities to be in. On top of booking tours and shows, a talent booker will offer advice and guidance on the talent’s career. They also fight to get the talent the best slots in a competitive entertainment market.

The role of the talent booker has evolved more into a personal member of the talent’s team, along with PR, manager, lawyer, etc. The booker’s opinion is being sought more often as the career of the artist on the live stage is often the best revenue stream.

If you are an artist and need to find places to perform, you really could help yourself by signing up with a high-quality talent booker today.  Give it a try and you should be happy with the results.

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