What are tops and different tops that every woman needs?


In this article, we are going to be talking about what are tops and also different tops that every woman needs. There are most people here who are reading already know about what are tops.

They probably also know the different types of them and also how to style them according to the situation.

What are the tops?

A top is known as the piece of clothing that covers the chest region. These are very famous nowadays as many people are wearing them. Mostly girls as they are using unique styling techniques with them and making it look exotic.

Tops is an old concept as it was first created in the form of T-shirts and then other styles. Many people did not know that T-shirts are the first cloth which was made and named as a top.

After that, different styles were invented like a crop top, turtle neck top, etc.

The bottom of the top can be of any length that you want; there are no restrictions. You can wear them fully to your lower belly or even to the top of your stomach. Men’s top is generally styled with either jeans or a pant according to the colour.

On the other hand, woman’s tops are styled with either jeans, pants, or a skirt according to their liking. We are also going to discuss the different tops for women down below.

Different type of tops that every woman needs

  •  Silk Cami

These are the classic look or top that every woman wears as no matter the weather you can wear them. You can just simply slip on some jeans or pants and make them look very cool and authentic. If you are heading for an office or a party you can just wear this and use different styles.

  •  Scoop neck tee

Everyone in the world knows that a white scoop neck tee is a must to have in every wardrobe. These are essential for fashion and also for functionality according to their choice.

  •  Structured peplum top

These tops are the most appealing and look good for any kind of mood like a casual or even a formal one. You can take a nipped-in waist top and flaring hemlines on them and slip a pair of pants to make it look good.

  •  Button-down shirt

A button-down shirt is the most common workwear for the woman as they can wear it with anything. You can use them in the office as well as you can wear them to a party as they will look good. You can wear these kinds of shirt with either a skirt, pant, jeans, etc. You can use a collar one to make it look good.

  •  Tie waist top

You can wear these kinds of tops anywhere, either in an office or inside a party. You can tie the knot at your waistline to make it look better and silhouette you. You can wear either slim pants, skinny jeans, pants or a small skirt.

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