What Are the Most Masculine Scents?


While many men don’t like to talk about it, males tend to be just as invested in their looks, appearance, and perception as women are. If you’re looking to up your overall presentation by the time the warmer weather looks around, you may be thinking of what to focus on.

Often, scent is just as important as any visual cue. If you are looking for a new cologne for the upcoming year, you might benefit from knowing some of the top masculine scents currently out there.

What kind of manly scent products should you be aware of? Read on and we’ll walk you through a few worth being familiar with. 

Musk-Based Colognes

Musk has been a staple in men’s colognes for years and years. It’s a scent that is naturally associated with masculinity and it’s one that many women prefer for their men to wear.

Musk was originally derived from musk deer, which is where it gets its name. However, most of today’s musk-based colognes are derived from musk oil. 

Musk is rich in scent and is often associated with sexuality and sensuality. If you’re attempting to create an atmosphere that is sexy and alluring, this manly scent might be the one worth making an investment in.

Earthy Colognes

What’s more masculine than coming across salt of the earth? If you’re looking for men’s colognes, you’ll definitely want to consider a few that have earthy aromas. 

Lucky for you, there are many of them. Colognes that are based on scents ranging from sandalwood to rosewood can be a big hit with the ladies. These earthy scents tend to warm the body and help to create an overall feeling of well-being. 

They can make one think of a lumberjack or someone who has an alluring and natural connection to the Earth. 

If you’re looking for an earthy masculine perfume, you can find many worth perusing at www.perfumeprice.co.uk

Spicy Colognes

Want to go for a scent that’s a little more catching and dangerous? 

Reaching for fragrances with some spicy notes in them can help you stand out from the crowd and make a real impression, in terms of scent. 

Colognes that use cinnamon, ginger, or myrrh can help to provide a sense of warmth and excitement.

In fact, cinnamon has long been thought to produce sexual arousal in both men and women, so including it in your cologne choice might be a smart move if you’re looking for love.

Even if you aren’t, it can be an alluring and engaging scent.

Picking Out Masculine Scents

Smelling your best can often be just as important as looking your best, as any styling man can tell you.

If you’re looking to up your overall appearance, picking from the above masculine scents can help you to make the proper impression. All of the above are amazing options. 

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