What are the different types of watches for ladies?


When it comes to choosing watches for ladies, you have plenty of options. There are different styles, makes, and brands to choose from. Shihe Watches offer all sorts of lady’s watches. Choosing the best one for you may seem daunting, but you can narrow your choice by considering the different types of watches for ladies. These are the following:

Casual watches –

It is the kind of watch you can wear on a daily basis. It suits well to any type of clothing, and price-wise, casual watches are affordable.

Dress watches –

These are the types of watches you wear during formal or business events. They are sleek and elegant in style.

Digital watches –

They are the type of watch with LCD display, so it is easy to keep track of time.

Hybrid watches –

They are watches consists of digital and analog design. They usually have additional features like fitness trackers that you can easily connect to a smartphone.

Luxury watches –

These are high-end watches manufactured by elite companies. You can’t find these watches elsewhere as their number is limited. They are usually made from high-quality materials like gold, jewels, diamonds, and precious metals. So, expect their value to increase with time.

Quartz watches –

As the name suggests, they are made from quartz crystal oscillation. They are without a doubt the most affordable watches but never fall short in terms of quality and durability.

When it comes to selecting watches for ladies, you need to know your available options and consider the different types of watches so you will know what exactly you are looking for. For ladies, casual and dress watches are the most bought type. Fortunately, Shihe offers a wide array of watches that ladies of all ages will surely love.

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