What are the Benefits of Artificial Tanning?


Having tanned skin has always been one of the most common beauty dreams for ages. While people in the past restored to sun tanning to get that desired skin tone, we have various tanning techniques today. Undoubtedly, sun tanning is easy and free, but it does more harm to our body than good. Studies and research have revealed that prolonged exposure to the sun’s rays can result in sunburn and skin cancer. With technology innovation, the beauty industry has also evolved. Now, there are many safer alternatives to sun tanning. Artificial tanning is one of the most popular forms of modern tanning. To look for artificial tanning techniques, search for UV tanning salons near me.

In this blog, we have listed down some lesser-known benefits of artificial tanning.

  1. No Sunbathing Required: 

Research and studies have shown that excessive sunbathing and sun tanning have harmful effects on our bodies. People who spend more time basking under the sun to get a higher tan level often suffer from skin infections, sunburn, and even skin cancer due to UV rays. More time out in the sun means direct exposure to the UV rays, which leads to early aging and permanent skin cell damage.

However, artificial tanning comes without the risk of skin damage due to UV rays exposure. In the artificial tanning technique offered by some of the largest tanning salon chains, the rays’ intensity can be controlled. Moreover, artificial tanning beds use light lamps to mimic the sun rays; thus, there is no need to lay under the sun for real.

  1. Good Source for Vitamin D

Vitamin D is one of the essential vitamins our body requires for the proper development of the body. Sun is the best source of vitamin D. However, many people are prone to sunburn and skin allergies due to sun rays. For such people, artificial tanning is the best way to get that much-needed vitamin D dose. A 10 minutes tanning session is enough to produce 10,000 IUs of vitamin D in our body. Consider trying out an artificial tanning session to look for a healthy and safe alternative for vitamin D intake.

  1. Convenience

Not everyone has access to the beach and convenience to get tan. Sun tanning is a far-fetch thought for people living in landlocked areas or where sunlight is not in abundance. Luckily, technical advancements are helping people find an easy alternative to sun tanning. Artificial tanning is the best way to get that natural glow and tanned skin without stepping out in the sun.

Artificial tanning is as effective as sun tanning and takes less time to show results. One can get the desired level of tanning within a few minutes of regular sessions. Artificial tanning is also ideal for those who have less time for their beauty needs. If you have a wedding to attend or a tropical vacation to go to, you can easily prepare your skin with artificial tanning. Besides being effective and time-saving, artificial tanning is also affordable. You don’t have to burn your pocket to get that dark skin tone you always wanted.

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